Increasing Power Bills Shock Vallejo Residents

February 15, 2017

Times Herald
By Matthew Adkins

Instead of running the heat in his Vallejo home, Ronald Davis prefers to spend his energy chopping wood for his fireplace.

Like many of his fellow neighbors, Davis explained he is trying to save money after ballooning energy bills strained his pocketbook this winter.

“My electric bill the last few months has been crazy,” Davis said. “I understand we need to pay for the power we use, but it’s getting ridiculous. Every month now I’m scared to even open the envelope. It’s never been this high before.”

Since December 2016, Davis reports his bill has quickly climbed from $150 to $300 a month, despite using a similar amount of energy per month as last year.

Other Vallejo residents claim to have seen their increases reach up to 400 percent higher than previous years.