No One Behind the Wheel ...

March 13, 2017

Mountain View Voice
By Mark Noack

For nearly three years, Mountain View residents have become accustomed to seeing self-driving cars zipping around town, but the technology could soon be kicking off its training wheels.

In a big leap, the California Department of Motor Vehicles Friday published new proposed rules that would allow autonomous car companies to test cars without any human driver inside -- meaning self-driving cars would finally be truly driverless. If so, it could be a common sight to see unoccupied "ghost cars" zipping around Mountain View's streets.

"This is really the next step to moving forward the driverless testing and also the public use," said DMV spokeswoman Jessica Gonzalez. "A number of (self-driving car manufacturers) will be ready to move forward with driverless testing over the next year to make this happen."