Erosion Takes Its Toll This Winter

March 15, 2017

Half Moon Bay Review
By Carina Woudenberg

This winter’s generous rainstorms may have served as a welcome relief in a previously drought-ridden state, but they also played a part in creating or worsening erosion issues around the Coastside. Reports of downed trees, mudslides and resulting road closures and power failures became all too familiar in the days when the rain wouldn’t let up. As anyone who walks the Coastal Trail can attest, there have been more lasting damages as a result of the storms. Here’s a roundup of some of the hardest hit areas.

Ranger house

The Miramar bluffs have taken a significant beating in the last couple years. Last winter, the storms consumed a bench and a plaque just south of a pedestrian bridge there. This winter, Coastsiders cast a wary eye toward a state ranger house in the area that stood roughly 10 feet away from the cliffs edge in mid-January. Later that month, the house’s foundation was smack against the cliffside and State Parks announced that it would be taking it down.

State Parks currently has an emergency coastal development permit application in for its removal. All utilities have been disconnected from the building and State Parks officials will be ready to remove the building at a moment’s notice if further erosion deems it necessary.