More Changes Proposed for State Utilities Commission

May 15, 2017

San Diego Union-Tribune
By Jeff McDonald

More changes may be coming to the California Public Utilities Commission, the sprawling regulatory agency that has been under criminal investigation for nearly three years over backchannel dealings with power company executives.

The revised state budget that Gov. Jerry Brown released last week contains provisions that would transfer certain responsibilities away from the utilities commission, which currently regulates everything from telecommunications and passenger shuttles to water and electricity.

If the plan is adopted, the commission would no longer oversee much of its transportation duties, including hot-air balloons, ferries, moving-van companies and private passenger carriers such as party buses and limousines.

In his latest budget message, Brown said the changes would improve state oversight of the sectors by assigning them to other agencies. He also said his office will continue to look for additional ways to enhance state regulation.

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