Governor's School Budget Hike Draws Praise: Brown’s May Revision Getting Positive Reviews from Officials, School Advocates

May 16, 2017

Daily Journal
By Austin Walsh

True to an equation as old as time, the governor adding dollars to his school spending plan equaled heightened praise from local officials and education advocates.

The May budget revision unveiled by Gov. Jerry Brown last week tacked an additional $1.4 billion onto the budget he initially released in January for the coming fiscal year.

As education funding consumes a majority of the $124 billion general fund proposal, many officials praised the financial commitment to K-12 schools as funding levels creep closer to levels enjoyed prior to the Great Recession.

“Overall the revise is a win for schools,” said state Sen. Jerry Hill, D- San Mateo, while pointing to $500 million set aside for low-income child care and preschool services as well as additional one-time payments.

County Superintendent Anne Campbell expressed a similar sentiment in an email.

“The San Mateo County Office of Education is excited to see that the governor’s May revision remains committed to the local control funding formula, providing 97 percent of the ultimate LCFF target,” she said, referring to the system which determines ways districts allocate state money.

Campbell too praised the increased early education funding.