What You Should Know About Sen. Hill's Child Marriage Bill

July 11, 2017

NBC Bay Area
By Rebecca Greenway

A bill zeroing in on marriages involving any California resident under the age of 18 is sparking debate at the state level. But before the bill made its way to Sacramento, the conversation started with a Peninsula teenager.

Los Altos-resident Aliesa Bahri, 17, first approached Sen. Jerry Hill, D-San Mateo, about the issue after hearing about a coerced marriage between an adult and minor.

She began to do research on child marriage laws and found under California law, the marriage was legal with a signature from a guardian.

"Multiple studies have shown that girls who marry early are more likely to stop their education, suffer economically, and become victims of domestic violence," Bahri said."We have a responsibility here and now to end early childhood marriage given that we know how detrimental it is for our children and for our communities."