State Assembly, Planned Parenthood Won't Fight Calif. Child Marriage

July 12, 2017

By Michael Reagan

California is that rare state where a young woman must be 18 before she can legally consent to have sex, but she can marry at any age with permission from her parents and a judge’s order.

The San Francisco Chronicle reports Calif. Sen. Jerry Hill, D-San Mateo, thought that was contradictory so he set about to reconcile the law. I’m happy to report his idea of reconciling matched mine. He wanted to prohibit child marriage.

Hill’s bill would have "set a strict line at age 18." Incredibly enough he ran into a buzzsaw of opposition from, you guessed it — the left. Planned Parenthood — which must view child brides as a potential profit center — opposed the bill, along with some of the other usual suspects including the ACLU.

The criminal’s lobby spokesman, Phyllida Burlingame, said her organization opposed the bill because the ACLU thought the "focus of efforts should be on abusive and coerced relationships, regardless of marital status." Since California already has quite of bit of law directed at discouraging domestic violence and abuse, her opposition to Hill’s bill just seems to be another example of the ACLU’s reflexive opposition to supporting cultural norms.