Online Town Hall: Ask Jerry

Join Senator Jerry Hill for an interactive online town hall from 6:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m., Wednesday, February 18, about the key issues facing our community and the state. Senator Hill will also highlight his legislation. So far this year, that includes bills to:

  • Require a comprehensive study of the health impacts of artificial turf fields made from recycled tires.
  • Ensure that vapor-shops and e-cigarette stores comply with California’s youth smoking prevention laws.
  • Require that individuals convicted of drunk driving install an ignition interlock device to prevent them from getting behind the wheel and driving drunk again.
  • Require that the bulk of the proposed $1.4 billion fine against Pacific Gas and Electric Co. for the deadly 2010 San Bruno explosion is spent on pipeline improvements and related safety measures, instead of going to the state’s General Fund.
  • Require organizations to disclose to the California Fair Political Practices Commission which special interests paid for trips for elected officials.
  • Require law enforcement, local governments and companies to address privacy concerns and be more transparent when utilizing automated license plate readers.

You can submit questions for Senator Hill before or during the event here: