Guest Op-Ed: California Needs Earthquake Warning System

March 31, 2016

Mercury News Guest Op-Ed
By Jerry Hill, Adam Gray and Bob Hertzberg

To live in California is to live in earthquake country. It is also to live in one of the most modern economies in the world — a place where advancing science and innovation are breeding technological wonders of all kind, from self-driving automobiles to the next generation of spacecraft.

So it makes no sense that California is behind the curve in developing an early warning system for earthquakes that is already used in other countries, such as Japan. That is why we have introduced legislation to speed the process along by providing $23 million in start-up funds and by removing the existing prohibition against using state general fund dollars for the project.

Frankly, it can’t happen soon enough. Earthquakes are to California what tornadoes are to the Midwest and hurricanes are to the Southeast — as inevitable and never-ending as nightfall.