Bay Area Law Enforcement Search for Stolen Police Weapons, Ammunition

November 06, 2017

NBC Bay Area
By Roz Plater

Law enforcement officers across the Bay Area are on the lookout for stolen police weapons and hundreds of rounds of ammunition.

Authorities said a shotgun, rifle, ammunition, Kevlar vest and FBI jacket were stolen from an unmarked San Mateo County Sheriff's Department vehicle in San Francisco on Friday night. The vehicle was assigned to a deputy from San Mateo County Sheriff's Office and was on loan to the FBI's joint terrorism task force.

Investigators will not disclose if the deputy was on or off duty when the incident occurred. NBC Bay Area on Monday learned the San Mateo County employee is temporarily suspended from the FBI task force he was serving on while authorities investigate.

The incident is the fourth time in three months thieves have stolen weapons from a Bay Area law enforcement official's vehicle.