Weapon Theft from San Mateo County Sgt. Marks 3rd Since August in SF

November 06, 2017

By Henry Lee (Broadcast Report)
Posted Text by Bay City News Service

SAN FRANCISCO (BCN) Despite state and city laws requiring law enforcement to secure  weapons left in vehicles, it is unclear today whether a San Mateo County sheriff's sergeant who lost several firearms in a vehicle burglary in San Francisco on Friday could face any legal penalties.

The deputy, a member of an FBI task force, was driving an unmarked police car at the time of the burglary, which occurred just after 10 p.m. on Jones Street, according to police.

The sergeant, a 15-year veteran with the department, had left the vehicle locked, but returned to find its window smashed, according to San Mateo County Sheriff's Office spokesman Sal Zuno.

The stolen items included a shotgun, a rifle, ammunition, a Kevlar vest and an FBI jacket.

The San Francisco Board of Supervisors and the state legislature both passed legislation last year to reduce the theft of weapons from vehicles, inspired in part by the 2015 fatal shooting of Kate Steinle on Pier 14.