Senator’s Bill to Stave Off Utilities’ Rape of Ratepayers? | SDG&E, Edison, PG&E Still Trying to Recover Fire Costs

November 20, 2017

San Diego Reader
By Don Bauder

Ten years ago, fires swept San Diego County. The California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection (Cal Fire) and an investigative body of the California Public Utilities Commission agreed that San Diego Gas & Electric's negligence was responsible for two of the fires and partly responsible for the third.

SDG&E tried to pass the uninsured costs ($379 million) to ratepayers. That attempt failed the first time, but now SDG&E is back, trying to collect the money. Two other investor-owned utilities, Southern California Edison and Pacific Gas & Electric, are lobbying the public utilities commission on SDG&E's behalf.

It's pretty obvious why Edison and PG&E are supporting SDG&E, says Sen. Jerry Hill of the13th state senate district. Those two utilities want to pass along similar costs to their ratepayers, says Hill in a letter he sent this week to the commission.