Hill Seeks Legislation Proposals | State Senator Hosting the 10th Annual Oughta Be A Law Contest

November 25, 2017

Daily Journal
By Samantha Weigel

Is there an archaic California law you think needs updating? Got a good idea for a new rule that could make a difference in your community? Well you don’t need to be a legislator to try and make it happen as state Sen. Jerry Hill just announced his 10th annual “Oughta Be A Law …Or Not” contest. 

Hill, D-San Mateo, is looking for budding bill makers to submit ideas as part of his Senate District 13 constituent contest where the best proposals could make it into California’s 2018 legislative session. Entries can be ideas for new statewide laws, as well proposals to repeal or revise existing rules.

While this contest is covers state regulations, Hill agreed what’s happening at the federal level has inspired more to engage in politics.

“People are so upset with what they see in Washington, that they become involved, they become engaged in government, they don’t want to see their democracy hijacked so they’re going to do something about it,” Hill said. “It’s so true that all politics is local. It all gets down to what affects you at the local level. It’s in your community, it’s something you live with every day, it’s something that affects you on a daily basis.”