Partnership Brings AEDs To Santa Clara County Schools

November 30, 2017
By Bay City News Service

SANTA CLARA VALLEY, CA — A group of middle school students in Cupertino on Tuesday learned how to operate an important tool they hope they'll never have to use: an automated external defibrillator, or an AED. Around 100 students from Lawson Middle School, located at 10401 Vista Drive, gathered in the school's gym to hear a presentation from the nonprofit group Racing Hearts on the importance of life-saving devices such as AEDs.

The Palo Alto-based organization that specializes in raising awareness for AEDs.

Also in attendance were county officials and supervisors Cindy Chavez and Mike Wasserman, and California state Sen. Jerry Hill.

Chavez led the students in a pledge to save lives before they participated in the learning exercise.

Students were able to utilize a dummy to practice using an AED. Two students at a time teamed up to work the pumps required for CPR and to simulate how to send a shock from an AED to the person's heart.