3 California Bills to Watch

January 05, 2018

ABC 10 Sacramento, KXTV
By Anthony Cave

California lawmakers returned to the state Capitol this week. And with it, a new set of bills were introduced. 

Here are three bills introduced this week that we're watching:

1. Zero-emissions vehicles by 2040

AB 1745 would require all vehicles sold on and after January 1, 2040 to be zero-emissions. Assemblyman Phil Ting (D-San Francisco), who introduced the legislation, said in a statement that it's "time we clear the path for emissions-free transportation." 

2. Freezing your credit 

SB 823 would eliminate fees associated with lifting or freezing your credit. State Sen. Jerry Hill (D-San Mateo), who introduced the legislation, said credit agencies "shouldn't profit" from consumers trying to protect themselves. 

3. Lawmakers paying for sexual misconduct settlements

AB 1750 would require the state Legislature to seek reimbursement from lawmakers for sexual harassment settlements paid out when there's "clear evidence" of wrongdoing." 

"Why should taxpayers be on the hook for sexual harassment payouts, while sexual predators walk away with no financial accountability?" Sacramento Assemblyman Kevin McCarty, who introduced the legislation, said in a statement. 

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