SamTrans Creates Get Us Moving Program to Solve Transportation Issues

February 11, 2018

Scot Scoop
By Max Lee

The San Mateo County Transit District and the county of San Mateo have created the Get Us Moving program in hopes creating a gateway to communication with the community about the state of transit.

The program’s purpose is to help inform county residents, businesses, and other stakeholders of certain things the transit district board is doing and may be able to do if a major project is approved.

The Get Us Moving program also allows for the community to inform the transit district board of suggestions to improve traffic congestion, mainly through surveys.

This newly introduced plan of action is not the only work that has been done to improve transportation.

In one of many attempts to further enhance transportation in San Mateo County, state senator Jerry Hill and assembly member Kevin Mullin recently carried out legislation that has enabled the county transit district as well as the county of San Mateo to place a ballot measure in front of voters to approve an additional 1/2 cent per $1 sales tax to help fund transportation improvements.