California Lawmaker Proposes Allowing Medical Marijuana at School

February 15, 2018

KTVU Fox 2
Digital News Story by Lisa Fernandez
Video Newscast by Jesse Gary

SAN MATEO, Calif. - A California lawmaker wants to make it legal, and easier, for medical marijuana to be administered to children at school after being inspired by a 18-year-old boy with epilepsy who says the CBD oil he takes daily is necessary to stop having seizures and attend class.

Sen. Jerry Hill’s legislation, SB 1127, was proposed on Tuesday, the same day that 10 children at James Lick Middle School in San Francisco vomited, felt dizzy and were sickened by eating rainbow-colored "medical marijuana" strips that someone illegally brought to school.

But Hill (D-San Mateo) is certainly not proposing that kids bring edibles to campus.

“This is different,” Hill insisted on Wednesday. “Most of the medical marijuana used for these childhood diseases mostly comes in oils, capsules, tinctures and topical creams. They’re not rainbow candies. They’re not cookies.”

Hill's inspiration comes from Giovanni "JoJo" Jiminez, a senior at South San Francisco High School, and his mother, Karina Garcia, both of South San Francisco. JoJo has suffered from epileptic seizures, off and on, since he was three months old. He suffers from a rare form of epilepsy, called  Lennox-Gastaut syndrome. He often wouldn't go to school, just lying in bed because of the violent seizures. His mother tried traditional Western medical remedies, to no avail. She finally found Elysium oil, which contains 21 mg of CBD and 1 gram of THC, the psychoactive agent in cannabis. She said she has established a complicated care plan at her school for how to administer the cannabis to her son during the day -- current law states that she can't bring the medicine within 1,000 of the campus. And she wants the hassle to end.

"My plan is to open the door and have people open their eyes to this medicine," Garcia said Thursday. 

As for the middle school kids who ingested the rainbow edibles? Garcia said, "Of course, I'm not advocating for children to bring their own medication to school and say 'Let's party for the day.' What they did set me and my movement back."

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