Leaders Celebrate State Funds for Coastside Beaches

June 29, 2018

Half Moon Bay Review
By Sara Hayden

With sweeping ocean views and a check in hand that was large both literally and figuratively, state and local leaders celebrated at what will be the trailhead to the Tunitas Creek Beach County Park on Friday.

The gathering commemorated the state’s allocation of $6 million to increase the public’s access to “coastal treasures” Tunitas Creek Beach and Martin’s Beach. Gov. Jerry Brown signed the state budget on Wednesday.

“We have a coastline of 40 miles. One of the reasons we get so many people is that we have more beaches than anybody else,” San Mateo County Supervisor Don Horsley said. “We’re like the recreation center for the entire Bay Area.”

State funds will be used to help make the Coastside outdoor recreation experience better for locals and visitors alike, while protecting these environmentally sensitive areas. Other leaders spoke about the significance of this, including State Sen. Jerry Hill, Assemblymembers Kevin Mullin and Marc Berman, and representatives from the California State Coastal Conservancy, San Mateo County Parks, Peninsula Open Space Trust and the Surfrider Foundation.

“Today is historic because Tunitas Creek Beach is one step closer to being open to the public. Hopefully in the coming months, people will be able to start enjoying the coastal treasures,” Hill said.

Hill also commented on the fight to keep Martin’s Beach open to the public at a time when a private property owner seeks to restrict access.

“We all share in that desire to have that gate open from sun up to sun down so the public can enjoy it every day of the year. It’s interesting that God gave us these beautiful beaches so that everyone can enjoy them — not just a billionaire,” Hill said.

The Coastal Conservancy will administer $5 million from local grants to be given to San Mateo County and Peninsula Open Space Trust as they seek to make Tunitas Creek Beach the first beach managed under the county parks department.