California Screaming – Policymakers Demand Wildfire Prevention While the State Burns

July 31, 2018

Utility Dive
By Herman K. Trabish

At the first hearing of the special conference committee urged by California Governor Jerry Brown to get action from legislators on the state's wildfires, one lawmaker suddenly, while speaking, struggled to go on.

Choking back tears of rage and frustration, Republican Assembly Leader Brian Dahle somberly remembered the 69 deaths attributed to the 2017 fires and his five-year fight to spur action by fellow lawmakers. Finally, struggling silently for words, he came back to the committee's work.

"This is not just about utility liability," he told the committee. "These fires keep getting worse. We have a vegetation and fuel-loading problem we need to address along with managing our grid."

California is on fire again this year…

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