Opinion: Two Education Bills Do the Right Things

September 13, 2018

By Dan Walters

The numbers associated with public education in California are truly immense.

Nearly 10 million students, the vast majority of them children, attend kindergartens, elementary schools, high schools and colleges supported by upwards of $100 billion from taxpayers each year.

The bottom line rationale is producing new generations of Californians who are creative, productive and civic-minded.

Logically, therefore, the politicians and officials who oversee education at all levels, and the voters standing behind them, should always put the well-being of students first.

Were it only so.

The supposed adults in the educational arena more often act like children in a kindergarten sandbox, squabbling over personal and political matters as they ignore what’s best for student achievement.

The list of such relatively trivial conflicts is endless, but to its credit, the California Legislature this year finally managed to do the right thing on two issues that are important to educational success.

The passage of Senate Bills 328 and 1406 were minor miracles, since both had been stalled and both faced powerful opposition from teacher unions.

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