Fleet of the Future BART Train Tests ShakeAlert Earthquake Warning System

October 08, 2018

By Melanie Woodrow

Elected officials on a "Fleet of the Future" BART Train barely felt it slow down to 27 miles per hour.

BART was testing its earthquake early warning system known as "ShakeAlert."

"That's the entire point of earthquake early warning is to make future earthquakes as uneventful as possible," said Richard Allen, UC Berkeley Seismological Laboratory Director.BART is an early adopter of ShakeAlert which will be available to all Bay Area Organizations.

"This is not just a game changer it's a lifesaver," said California State Senator Jerry Hill of San Mateo.

ShakeAlert's protects public safety and infrastructure.

"That will allow you to get to a safe place, it will allow, through technological means, trains to be slowed or stopped, it will allow surgeons to withdraw a scalpel from a patient," said US Representative Adam Schiff of Burbank.

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