New York Fatal Limo Tragedy Recalls Similar 2013 Incident On San Mateo Bridge

October 08, 2018

CBS SF Bay Area/KPIX 5
By Betty Yu

This weekend's horrific crash calls to mind a tragedy closer to home when a limousine burst into flames on the San Mateo Bridge. Nightbeat's Betty Yu on the strict new safety rules in California that came out of that deadly accident.

The deadly crash in New York is spotlighting safety concerns that were also brought forth in 2013 when this modified limo caught fire on the San Mateo Bridge trapping and killing five women four others escaped.

“This is the sad part and I think what happened in New York kind of highlights that: That it doesn't take much to get into the business of driving someone around in a vehicle or limousine…,” [said Senator Jerry Hill].

That tragedy prompted Senator Jerry Hill to introduce strict limo legislation that took effect in 2015.

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