Senator Jerry Hill Issues Statement to Set the Record Straight on His Tobacco Legislation

July 03, 2019

For Immediate Release – Office of State Senator Jerry Hill – July 3, 2019

Senator Jerry Hill Issues Statement to Set the Record Straight on His Tobacco Legislation

SACRAMENTO – State Senator Jerry Hill issued a statement today to set the record straight about his legislation to combat the epidemic use of flavored tobacco products by young people.

“In May, I withdrew legislation to ban flavored tobacco products of all kinds rather than accept amendments that would erode protections for youth and carve out exceptions for products that help fuel the rampant nicotine addiction among young people today,” said state Senator Jerry Hill, D-San Mateo and Santa Clara Counties. “I was not then, nor am I now, interested in half measures that fail to adequately address the root of this problem. That’s why I pulled the plug on Senate Bill 38.

“To my dismay, information was released Tuesday that erroneously described my surviving tobacco legislation, Senate Bill 39, as being part of a multi-bill package introduced this week by a legislative committee. That’s wrong on several counts. SB 39 is a standalone bill, introduced in December, to impose more stringent age verification, packaging and delivery requirements for tobacco products of all kinds sold online and by mail. It is not associated with any committee effort.

“Two months ago, I rejected an industry overture [linked here and attached below] to substitute the proposed flavor ban for measures that emphasize enforcement against retailers and underage purchasers, along with other changes that would improve the optics of the problem but did not address its cause. We have a public health crisis caused by a flavor crisis. That’s what we have to address with the strictest measures possible, not the industry’s optics crisis.”


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