Capitol Alert: Voters Worry About COVID-19, Support a Flavor Ban

May 14, 2020

Sacramento Bee
By Andew Sheeler and Adam Ashton

Senate Bill 793 got some good news on Wednesday: The bill cleared the Senate Health Committee and moved on to the Senate Appropriations Committee, and a new poll commissioned by the Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids came out showing a majority of California voters support the effort.

The online poll, conducted by Stephen Clermont of Change Research, surveyed 2,578 likely California voters, and found that 69 percent of those asked support a ban on the sale of flavored tobacco products, including e-cigarettes, hookah, pipe and chewing tobacco and snuff.

The bill, from Democratic San Mateo Sen. Jerry Hill, had more Democratic support (82 percent) than Republican (54 percent). The ban was most supported by those 65 and older (84 percent), and least supported by those 18 to 34 (57 percent).

The survey also found that 73 percent of those polled are concerned about the COVID-19 pandemic, with 88 percent concerned about the government’s response to it. Meanwhile, 66 percent of those surveyed said that smokers and vapers should consider quitting as a response to the pandemic.