Letter to the Editor: Banning kid-oriented flavored tobacco products

September 15, 2020

San Mateo Daily Journal Letter to the Editor


Thanks to our state Sen. Jerry Hill, kid-oriented flavored tobacco and vaping products with names like “Vivid Vanilla,” “Bubble Gum” and “Cotton Candy” will no longer be available for purchase in retail stores in California.

As the father of two teens, I am all too aware of how common the use of these flavored tobacco and vaping products has become among our teens and preteens. After paying attention to politics for decades in California, it’s become clear to me that no attempt at legislation is ever perfect, but also that we should never let perfect be the enemy of the amazingly good.

All of us, especially medical professionals and parents, should be very thankful for the efforts of state Sen. Hill, the California Legislature and Gov. Newsom in this regard. I know I am. 

Charles Stone


The letter writer is the vice mayor of Belmont.