Private Citizen Jerry Hill

September 28, 2020

San Mateo Daily Journal
Column by Sue Lempert

Hard to believe that come November, Jerry Hill, who has represented us as a councilmember, supervisor, assemblyman and state senator, will become a private citizen. After 30 years in public office and a long list of accomplishments, I wanted to know the secret of getting things done in Sacramento and San Mateo County.

On all critical issues, the key was maintaining relationships and credibility. Hill described how he had to turn to a Republican friend to get the one vote he needed to get a bill out of committee and passed. And this would not have had happened unless he had established some connection with his fellow legislator beforehand. And best not to stab a colleague in the back by promising something and then backing out at the last minute. I didn’t ask the legislator’s name, but Hill was still seething.

When he needed that extra vote to get his Martin’s Beach bill out of the Assembly, he walked the floor until he found a colleague, across the aisle, to support it.