2018 Woman of the Year

Senator Jerry Hill named Stephanie Martinson of Palo Alto the 13th Senate District’s 2018 Woman of the Year. She was one of the more than 110 women who were honored in the Woman of the Year ceremonies conducted in the state Senate and the Assembly by the California Legislative Women’s Caucus. See more photos here.

In the News

San Francisco Chronicle: PG&E lobbyists are seeking state legislation that would exempt utility companies from the doctrine [of inverse condemnation], said Sen. Jerry Hill. “They want it done before the investigations are complete and the causes have been identified,” said Hill, D-San Mateo.
March 18, 2018
Los Angeles Times: Asking the highest court to declare the California Coastal Act unconstitutional doesn't just threaten a cherished and sound law that establishes the public's access to its beaches, it could erode efforts to provide that kind of coastal access across the nation.
March 15, 2018
Climate Liability News: “I’m finding that utilities are trying to confuse the issue,” said state Sen. Jerry Hill, who chairs the subcommittee on gas, electricity and transportation safety. “Climate change might have spread the fires more quickly, but it didn’t start the fires.”
March 12, 2018

Press Releases

Palo Alto AED Advocate Stephanie Martinson Celebrated as 2018 Woman of the Year for California’s 13th Senate District

Palo Alto resident Stephanie Martinson was honored in the Capitol this week as the California Legislature celebrated the accomplishments and advocacy of more than 110 women from around the state in the 2018 Woman of the Year ceremonies....

March 17, 2018

Senator Hill Introduces Zero-Tolerance Bill for Individuals Under 21 Driving Under the Influence of Marijuana

State Senator Jerry Hill introduced legislation today to drive home the point to young people that it’s illegal to consume marijuana and get behind the wheel. SB 1273 establishes a zero-tolerance policy for individuals under 21 who drive...

February 16, 2018

Senator Hill Renews Push for Police Gun Tracking and Transparency for Surveillance Technology

Amid mounting concerns about stolen and lost police guns and the use of surveillance technology and the data it harvests, state Senator Jerry Hill introduced legislation today to require police to track and regularly inventory their firearms...

February 15, 2018