Families of Victims Killed by Drunk Drivers Call for Passage of Hill’s SB 1046

Families of victims killed by drunk drivers brought jarring physical evidence – the vehicle wrecked by a DUI offender – to the Capitol to demonstrate the need to prevent people from driving drunk. They joined Senator Jerry Hill, Mothers Against Drunk Driving representatives and law enforcement partners to urge passage of Hill’s SB 1046. The bill requires ignition interlocks for all convicted DUI offenders. View the video of the news conference video here. See photos here.

In the News

Daily Journal: Firefighters in San Mateo, Belmont and Foster City could soon have a lot more in common than just their profession, they could end up working for the same department. First, consolidating the departments through a JPA and offering a “hybrid” retirement plan requires the state Legislature’s approval. This has prompted state Sen. Jerry Hill, D-San Mateo, to propose Senate Bill 24, which officials are hopeful will be enacted in January.
July 21, 2016
SFist: Leading up to the deadly 2010 San Bruno pipeline explosion that killed eight people, injured dozens more, and destroyed 38 homes, Pacific Gas & Electric kept a list of priorities. The very literal list, which the Chronicle reports was revealed yesterday in federal court during the ongoing criminal trial over the explosion, paints a picture of a company putting profits above all else — most definitely including safety.
July 08, 2016
KQED News: Just weeks after the California Senate refused to advance a bill requiring doctors to notify their patients that they were on probation for — among other things — sexual abuse of patients, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution has published a stunning investigation exposing just how easy it is for these physicians to continue practicing...That’s the consumer blind spot that state Senator Jerry Hill, D-San Mateo, sought to illuminate with Senate Bill 1033.
July 06, 2016

Press Releases

Lawmakers, Cal OES, UC Berkeley and Caltech Hail $10 Million in State Budget For California’s Earthquake Early Warning System

Governor Brown’s newly signed state budget allocates $10 million to the California Governor’s Office of Emergency Services to start the statewide build-out of the California Earthquake Early Warning System, Senator Jerry Hill and Cal OES...

June 29, 2016

Family Members of Victims Killed by Drunk Drivers Join Senator Hill, MADD & Law Enforcement Partners to Support SB 1046

Family members of victims killed by drunk drivers share their experiences to underscore the need to prevent drunk driving and require ignition interlock devices for DUI offenders. 

May 19, 2016

Hill, Gray & Hertzberg Applaud Governor's $10M Funding Commitment to California's Earthquake Early Warning System

State Senator Jerry Hill, Assemblymember Adam Gray and Senator Robert Hertzberg applaud Governor Jerry Brown for his commitment today to start funding a statewide earthquake early warning system that would help save lives and protect the...

May 13, 2016