Major Patient Safety and Consumer Protection Bills Clear First Legislative Hurdle

SB 1448: The Patient’s Right to Know Act and SB 1465 by Senator Hill now head to the Senate Appropriations Committee for consideration. The bills require doctors on probation to notify patients and contractors to report settlements of $1M or more in defect cases. Watch the most recent hearing. Read about the bills. See video of star athletes and other survivors of doctors’ abuse. Pictured: Jeanette Antolin and Jordyn Wieber. Their testimony helped bring a sexual predator to justice.

In the News

Daily Journal: For [Senator Jerry] Hill, advocating for increased funding for K-12 schools so students are prepared to join the local economy is expected to be a priority, noting even fully funding schools today is not keeping pace with their rising costs. “We’re giving them more money, but their costs have gone up faster than their revenue when you look at the pension costs they are saddled with and the special education [programs], costs have outpaced the increased revenues,” he said.
May 12, 2018
Southern California Public Radio KPCC: “This rental market is not quite as welcoming as it used to be, and we’ve seen examples of landlords discriminating against veterans and people on active duty,” said State Senator Jerry Hill of San Mateo and Santa Clara. “When I see an injustice, I get mad.”
May 08, 2018
Los Angeles Times: "They've been working hard in this building trying to change the narrative around wildfires," state Sen. Jerry Hill (D-San Mateo) told me from his capitol office in Sacramento. "They say it's climate change, it's the 'new normal,' and we shouldn't hold them responsible anymore. They're doing everything they can to change the law to protect themselves."
May 04, 2018

Press Releases

Major Consumer Protection Bills to Require Doctors on Probation to Notify Patients and Contractors to Report $1M+ Settlements in Building Defect Cases Face First Legislative Hurdle Monday

Bills by Senator Jerry Hill to toughen regulatory oversight of doctors and building contractors and increase disclosure requirements to protect patients and the public undergo their first legislative review Monday in hearings held by the...

April 20, 2018

New Bill by Senator Hill Would Require Contractors to Report Settlements of $1M or More in Construction Defect Cases Involving Multifamily Rental Properties

Senator Hill introduced Senate Bill 1465 today to require contractors to report settlements of $1 million or more in construction defect cases involving multifamily rental residential structures to the Contractors State License Board. The...

April 17, 2018

Father of CHP Officer Killed by a Young Drugged Driver, Concerned Youths Urge State Legislators to Pass Zero Tolerance Law for People Under 21 Who Drive After Consuming Marijuana

The father of a CHP officer killed by a drugged driver and concerned youths joined Senator Hill for a news conference on his SB 1273. Watch video...

April 09, 2018