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PG&E Seeks to Overturn Guilty Verdict in Trial Linked to San Bruno Blast

August 18, 2016

Mercury News: PG&E has formally requested that a federal judge overturn a jury's conviction on six charges linked to a fatal explosion in San Bruno, a move that raised fresh questions Wednesday about whether the utility has accepted its role in causing the lethal catastrophe.

Pet Owners Frustrated With Pet Hospital, Claim Ineffective Treatment and Massive Bill

August 17, 2016

NBC Bay Area: Suzanne Valente of Pacifica wasn’t happy with Davis’ treatment of her dog Sally’s brain tumor back in 2002. After leaving Davis, Sally’s health declined, and to be put to sleep. State Sen. Jerry Hill has heard complaints, too. He’s working on legislation to add oversight and require that vets at California’s veterinary school medical centers to be licensed.

Berkeley Tragedy: Survivors Reveal a Year of Painful Struggle -- Emotional Testimony Shows Devastating Impact on Those Who Lived

August 13, 2016

The Irish Independent: It was not the long catalogue of her own critical injuries that made Aoife Beary break down and weep, it was the memory of the friends she had held dear since they all started school together at the age of four and how she never knew it would end like this.

Fines for Right-on-Red-Light Tickets Could Fall If State Bill Passes

August 04, 2016

Southern California Public Radio: A bill in the California Senate aims to reduce the fines for drivers who are cited for red light violations when making a right turn. State Senator Jerry Hill introduced the bill, SB 986, earlier this year after a constituent suggested it. Current fines can climb as high as $500—the same fine for running straight through a red light in the middle of an intersection—from a base $100, and Hill's bill would reduce the base fine to $35.

Prosecutors Criticized Over Lower Potential Fine After Blast

August 03, 2016

ABCNews/Associated Press: The surprising decision by federal prosecutors in San Francisco to drop pursuit of a potential $562 million fine against one of the nation's largest utilities after a deadly pipeline blast marked the second time in recent months that the office has backed down in a high-profile criminal case against a major corporation.

Political Leaders Call for Caltrans to Act on El Camino Hazards

August 02, 2016

The Almanac: After hearing of the verdict assigning the California Department of Transportation most of the blame for a 2010 death in a crosswalk on El Camino Real in Atherton, local political leaders have vowed to work to make sure Caltrans gives priority to improving El Camino's safety.

Millbrae Seeks Crime Fighting Solutions: License Plate Readers Could Help Nab Home Burglars, Sheriff’s Officials Say

August 01, 2016

Daily Journal: Law enforcement officials expressed interest in using license plate reading technology to stem the recent rash of home and property crimes that have Millbrae residents upset. Use of such technologyis not without its own set of issues. State Sen. Jerry Hill, D-San Mateo, has authored legislation aiming to ensure information collected by the plate readers is used appropriately and not shared in a fashion which could violate the rights of private citizens.

Three Cities Consider Joint Fire Department

July 21, 2016

Daily Journal: Firefighters in San Mateo, Belmont and Foster City could soon have a lot more in common than just their profession, they could end up working for the same department. First, consolidating the departments through a JPA and offering a “hybrid” retirement plan requires the state Legislature’s approval. This has prompted state Sen. Jerry Hill, D-San Mateo, to propose Senate Bill 24, which officials are hopeful will be enacted in January.

PG&E Put Safety Literally Last On Its List Of Priorities, Documents Show

July 08, 2016

SFist: Leading up to the deadly 2010 San Bruno pipeline explosion that killed eight people, injured dozens more, and destroyed 38 homes, Pacific Gas & Electric kept a list of priorities. The very literal list, which the Chronicle reports was revealed yesterday in federal court during the ongoing criminal trial over the explosion, paints a picture of a company putting profits above all else — most definitely including safety.

Nationwide, Doctors Who Sexually Abuse Their Patients Continue to Practice

July 06, 2016

KQED News: Just weeks after the California Senate refused to advance a bill requiring doctors to notify their patients that they were on probation for — among other things — sexual abuse of patients, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution has published a stunning investigation exposing just how easy it is for these physicians to continue practicing...That’s the consumer blind spot that state Senator Jerry Hill, D-San Mateo, sought to illuminate with Senate Bill 1033.