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Editorial: California Patients Deserve to Know About Bad Doctors

April 09, 2016

San Francisco Chronicle: Legislation that would require California doctors to notify their patients when the medical board puts them on probation for a serious offense faces a key test in the state Senate on Monday.

Senator Hill -- a Softie for Good Guys, a Steely Foe for the CPUC

April 04, 2016

Climate Magazine: Elected representatives sign on for anything, but in fact the professional life of a state senator never before required "the member," as they are referred to by staff in Sacramento, to deal with a massive gas explosion, the consequent death of eight constituents and pervasive corruption in a state agency responsible for it, until Jerry Hill came along.

SF Police Back Bill to Stop DUI Convicts from Driving Drunk

March 28, 2016

San Francisco Chronicle: The San Francisco Police Department on Monday threw its support behind legislation that would expand the use of a device that prevents DUI convicts from starting up their vehicles while inebriated.

Ignition Interlock Devices Could Be Required For All Convicted Drunk Drivers In California

March 28, 2016

KCBS: New efforts are underway to reduce the number of deaths and injuries caused by drunk drivers by requiring ignition interlock devices statewide in California for drivers convicted of a DUI.

What is Causing Multiple Gas Line Strikes in Sacramento?

March 21, 2016

ABC10: There’s a gas leak! -- It’s a phrase that causes an adrenaline rush and leads to fears that there could be an explosion. While that explosion hasn't occurred in Sacramento, a large construction project in the city has led to several close calls - too many, according to a national gas safety expert and a California legislator.

Electrocution Deaths Spark New Questions About CPUC Oversight

February 17, 2016 State Senator Jerry Hill said the two electrocutions raise questions about how the CPUC operates during investigations of fatal incidents — and whether it cedes power to the utilities

The Fine Could Go Down For Rolling Right Turns On Red In California

January 20, 2016

KYMX CBS Local: A California Senate committee is scheduled to vote tomorrow on a bill reducing the $500 fine for rolling right turns on red. State Senator Jerry Hill says it makes sense to reduce the amount of the fine because of how it could financially hurt people in poverty.

State Pushes Bill To Reduce Red Light Fine

January 20, 2016

KABC LA: A state lawmaker is pushing a bill that would sharply reduce the fine for failing to come to a complete stop while making a right turn at a red light. Senator Jerry Hill from San Mateo says SB 681 addresses a fine hike passed into law in 1997 in which driving straight through a red light would result in a 500 dollar fine. Making the rolling right, was supposedly a lesser crime with a lesser fine.

Bay Area Lawmaker Proposes To Cut 'California Stop' Fines in Half

January 19, 2016

ABC 7/KGO: If you drive your car up onto the sidewalk, you can get a $250 fine. If you drive down the wrong way on a one-way street, that's another $250 fine. If you roll through a red light, you can get hit with a $500 fine. One local politician says it is not fair and it is time to change.

Legislation Proposes to Curb Excessive Use with $500 Drought Penalties

January 19, 2016

Daily Journal: As the drought drags on and many communities strive to meet state conservation mandates, one legislator is seeking to crack down on water wasters by publicly identifying and fining those using an excessive amount of the scarce resource.