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Half Moon Bay Review Editorial: Legislature Fails to Keep Kids Safe on Local Playing Fields

July 23, 2015

Half Moon Bay Review: The results are in from Half Moon Bay soccer, football and baseball fields, and the score is irresponsible greed 1, our children 0.

Jerry Hill Honors Friends of Fitzgerald Marine Reserve

July 22, 2015

Riptide: State Senator Jerry Hill presents an award to Fitzgerald Marine Reserve Board President Tom Ciotti ... SRO town hall-style meeting, giving a brief wrap-up of his legislative year and goals for the future, and taking an hour of questions from the audience.

Public Weighs In On Future of Martin's Beach

July 22, 2015

Daily Journal: From a 92-year-old woman who reminisced about catching smelt at Martin’s Beach as a child to a surfer worried about erosion at the secluded property, a concerned crowd gathered Monday night to share how they’d like to access the coveted site just south of Half Moon Bay.

Mercury News Editorial: Don't Let PG&E Dodge San Bruno Responsibility

July 21, 2015

Mercury News: The Legislature has to emphatically block PG&E's obscene effort to take a tax deduction on the $1.6 billion fine it's paying for the utility's role in the San Bruno pipeline blast.

Jerry Hill Seeks More Cap and Trade Funds for Transit

July 17, 2015

Daily Journal: Caltrain’s efforts to accommodate growing ridership could receive a much needed boost in funding as state Sen. Jerry Hill proposed legislation Thursday calling for a redistribution of cap and trade funds.

Bill Seeks Disclosure of Construction Settlements

July 13, 2015

San Luis Obispo Tribune: Construction companies will have to disclose building defects such as those that could have contributed to a deadly balcony collapse in Berkeley under a state legislative proposal that will be heard for the first time Tuesday.

California to Study Health Effects of ‘Crumb Rubber’ in Artificial Turf

July 12, 2015

San Francisco Chronicle: California officials have authorized spending $2.9 million to study the health effects of using recycled tire pieces on artificial turf fields, hoping to put to rest a simmering debate over their safety.

Editorial: Berkeley Balcony Collapse Points to a Loophole in Law

July 11, 2015

Fresno Bee: Almost from the start, it was clear what had caused last month’s fatal collapse of an apartment balcony in Berkeley. It was right there in the news photographs

4 x 4 Interview: State Senator Jerry Hill Talks About Crumb Rubber Safety Study

July 10, 2015

KTVU: State Senator Jerry Hill joins KTVU's Keba Arnold and Mike Mibach on "4 at 4" to talk about the state's plan to study artificial turf made of crumb rubber.

Call Kurtis: Why Are Some Businesses Afraid to Have Devices Proven to Save Lives?

July 10, 2015

CBS Sacramento: The A-E-D is a device proven to save lives, so why don’t we see more of them available where the public gathers? Some are saying that there is a statute in the current law that has some business owners afraid to supply them...Senator Jerry Hill has introduced SB 658 that would change the existing state law because the A-E-D machines are easier to use.