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San Bruno: PUC Judge Orders PG&E to Turn Over 65,000 Emails

January 14, 2015

Mercury News: A state law judge on Tuesday ordered PG&E to turn over to state regulators 65,000 emails that may produce a more complete picture of what is described as a cozy relationship between PG&E and the California Public Utilities Commission regarding a fatal explosion in San Bruno and other issues.

Feds Blast Calif. Regulator Over Sloppy Pipeline Oversight

January 08, 2015 Federal regulators are blasting the California Public Utilities Commission — which oversees the operation of natural-gas pipelines by Pacific Gas & Electric Co. and others — for sloppiness and in its investigations and record-keeping, and for proposing lax financial penalties.

State PUC Blistered in Audit for Slow, Sloppy Probes

January 08, 2015

San Francisco Chronicle: The state agency responsible for ensuring Pacific Gas and Electric Co. and other utilities operate their natural-gas systems safely has a two-year backlog of unfinished investigations, and its probes are often poorly documented and seldom result in penalties against the companies, a federal audit has found.

Op-Ed: A Good Idea to Fight DUIs

January 06, 2015

Sacramento Bee When debate begins on new legislation requiring ignition interlock devices to prevent drunken driving, opponents will truck out predictable arguments. Don’t believe them.

Is Crumb Rubber Safe? Bill Seeks to Answer That Troubling Question

January 06, 2015

KCET: Sen. Jerry Hill was struck by the scent of an artificial athletic field at a San Mateo County probation facility: rubber. "You can smell rubber. And when you walk on it these little clouds come up," Hill said. "You're obviously ingesting that, you're breathing it, if you get a cut it gets in your skin."

Martins Beach: New Law Goes into Effect, Public Access Negotiations Begin

January 05, 2015

Mercury News: When the calendar flipped to 2015, the state of California officially waded into the controversy over Martins Beach, beginning a yearlong negotiation to buy a public access route to the shoreline, including the sandy beach, from venture capitalist Vinod Khosla.

County Legislators Have Share of New Laws for New Year

January 01, 2015

Daily Journal: Next time you pop open that delivered box of farm-fresh produce, thank Assemblyman Rich Gordon for helping establish standards. Advanced placement tests coming up and you recall the debacle at Mills High School when scores were tossed due to improper seating arrangements? State Sen. Jerry Hill’s legislation means to prevent a repeat performance.

Sen. Jerry Hill Introduces Bill Requiring DUI Offenders to Use 'Ignition Interlocks'

December 29, 2014

Palo Alto Online: First-time DUI offenders would be required to install "ignition interlock devices" in their cars that will test their breath for alcohol before starting the car, if a new bill introduced by state Sen. Jerry Hill passes in Sacramento.

Bill Aims at Regulating E-Cig Sales: State Sen. Jerry Hill Seeks to Deter Use in Minors, Impose Child-Safety Caps

December 29, 2014

Daily Journal: Preventing electronic cigarettes from ending up in the hands of minors and reducing liquid nicotine overdoses is one of state Sen. Jerry Hill’s goals in the upcoming legislative session.

Peninsula Lawmaker Calls for Ignition Locks for All California DUI Offenders

December 26, 2014

Mercury News: Joining a national movement to curb repeat drunken drivers, state Sen. Jerry Hill plans to introduce legislation requiring motorists convicted of a DUI offense in California to install vehicle ignition locks that detect blood-alcohol levels through breath samples.