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Editorial: Time to End Shadowy Relations Between Utilities, Regulators

April 17, 2014

Half Moon Bay Review: All Californians owe a debt of gratitude to state Sen. Jerry Hill, who represents the Coastside, and a group of activists known as the Utility Reform Network. Together they are holding the California Public Utilities Commission accountable.

Senator Says PG&E Indictments a 'Chance for Justice' for San Bruno

April 02, 2014

KRON: A federal indictment charging PG&E with twelve felonies in connection with the San Bruno gas line explosion that killed eight people and left more than 50 homes damaged or destroyed should come as a relief to the community, State Senator Jerry Hill says.

PG&E Indicted on Criminal Charges by Federal Grand Jury in Connection with San Bruno Explosion

April 01, 2014

Oakland Tribune: Adding to the fallout from the deadly San Bruno pipeline blast, a federal grand jury on Tuesday indicted PG&E on criminal charges for violations of federal pipeline regulations.

Devil's Slide Trail -- the Best Views on the Coast

April 01, 2014

Pacifica Tribune: Many people could barely keep their eyes on the road when driving Devil's Slide because the view was so fascinating. Others found the road so scary they avoided it all together. Now the 1.3 mile trail on the old road is a celebration of its geology and natural history.

Yee Asked to Resign: Reaction to Arrest Sparse But Pointed

March 27, 2014

Daily Journal: The state Senate will vote Friday to suspend indicted Sen. Leland Yee if he refuses to voluntarily resign, said Sen. Jerry Hill who chairs the Democratic Caucus.

State Senator: California Not Prepared for Accident Involving Train Carrying Crude Oil

March 24, 2014

NBC Bay Area: The California Energy Commission said the amount of crude oil being transported by train to the Bay Area has sky rocketed thanks to an oil boom in North Dakota and Canada -- but that is raising concerns with at least one state lawmaker.

Auditor Says Utilities’ Accounts Aren’t Reviewed

March 06, 2014

Half Moon Bay Review: The California State Auditor has concluded the Public Utilities Commission reviewed slightly more than half of the balancing accounts under its review in 2009, 2010 and 2011.That’s not good enough, according to state Sen. Jerry Hill.

PG&E Reports Progress in Improving Gas Pipeline System

February 20, 2014

Oakland Tribune: PG&E said Thursday it continues to make progress in a sweeping upgrade of its natural gas pipeline system in the wake of a fatal explosion in San Bruno, although the utility has encountered some cost overruns.

OP-ED: Rethinking Community College Degrees

February 20, 2014

San Mateo Daily Journal: By 2025, the state will need 60,000 more college graduates every year to meet demand — a 40 percent increase over current levels, according to the Public Policy Institute of California. Lawmakers and educators need to make serious strides, and soon, to avert a potentially disastrous workforce shortage.

Bill Would Outlaw Mug Shot Publishing Websites in California

February 14, 2014

Los Angeles Times: California could become the next state to restrict the publishing of jail booking photos by websites for commercial purposes.