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Senator Jerry Hill to Propose Legislation Allocating Pipeline Explosion Fine Toward Safety Measures

September 05, 2014

San Francisco Examiner: Amid concerns that a significant portion of a $1.4 billion fine levied against PG&E in the deadly 2010 San Bruno pipeline explosion would go toward the state's general fund, state Sen. Jerry Hill, D-San Mateo, plans to introduce legislation to ensure the bulk of the fine is dedicated to pipeline safety measures.

Political Leaders Agree: The Time for a Statewide Earthquake Early Warning System is Now.

September 04, 2014

UC Berkeley News Center: Last week’s 6.0 Napa earthquake was a wake-up call not only for the wine country. The shaking was also felt in Sacramento and San Francisco, galvanizing a host of politicians to go on record urging immediate funding for a statewide earthquake early warning system.

PG&E to be Penalized $1.4 Billion for San Bruno Explosion

September 02, 2014

Mercury News: State regulators on Tuesday proposed a $1.4 billion penalty to punish PG&E for its role in a fatal natural gas explosion in San Bruno -- but the amount is far below the $2.25 billion recommended by regulatory staff and consumer groups.

Bipartisanship Rules This Year in Sacramento

August 30, 2014

Mercury News: Maybe Californians should start calling their Legislature the anti-Congress.

Epi-Pen Bill Passes Legislature: Legislation would require schools to stock devices but teachers union in opposition

August 30, 2014

Daily Journal: A bill that would put epi-pens in all public schools passed in the state Senate 33-0 despite concerns from the California Teachers Association that the medical devices for allergies would require work beyond the typical scope of training.

California Senate Passes Bill to Strengthen Electrical Grid Safety

August 29, 2014

NBC Bay Area: The state Senate passed a bill Friday that would beef up security for California's electrical grid.

PUC Launches Probe into Breach at PG&E Substation in San Jose

August 28, 2014

Contra Costa Times: SAN JOSE -- State regulators Thursday opened an investigation into the second major security breach at PG&E's Metcalf electricity substation in South San Jose amid rising criticism about how the embattled utility safeguards the region's vital electrical system.

Hill’s Limo Safety Bill Moving to Governor

August 28, 2014

San Mateo Daily Journal: A limousine safety bill inspired by a fatal fire on the San Mateo-Hayward Bridge that claimed five lives awaits the governor’s signature after passage Wednesday by the state Legislature.

EDITORIAL: Our Valley Assemblymembers Must Back the DISCLOSE Act

August 27, 2014

Fresno Bee: It speaks loudly about how campaign contributions carry the freight in Sacramento that there's a possibility the Assembly will trample all over grass-roots democracy before the weekend is over.

PG&E Substation in San Jose That Suffered a Sniper Attack has a New Security Breach

August 27, 2014

Mercury News: The same PG&E electricity substation hit by gunfire in 2013 has endured a fresh security breach, despite a wide-ranging upgrade of the facility's security systems, the utility reported Wednesday.