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DUI Lockout Bill Hits Snag

March 26, 2015

Daily Journal: A statewide proposal aimed at forcing convicted drunk drivers to install vehicle ignition-attached breathalyzers hit a bump in the road Tuesday as state Sen. Jerry Hill agreed to wait until the Department of Motor Vehicles releases a comprehensive report on a four-year pilot program aimed at reducing recidivism.

Funds for Safety Went to Utility Execs' Pay Instead, PUC President Says

March 25, 2015

Los Angeles Times: Money collected from ratepayers and earmarked for pipeline safety was instead spent on executive pay raises by the state's largest utility, Pacific Gas & Electric Co., in the months before a deadly pipeline explosion in 2010, lawmakers were told Wednesday.

Brittany Maynard: Terminally Ill Californians Should Have Right to Die at Home

March 25, 2015

Contra Costa Times: After two hours of emotional testimony that moved some lawmakers to tears, a bill that would allow terminally ill Californians to take their own lives cleared a major hurdle Wednesday when it won the approval of a key Senate panel.

License-Plate Readers: Recording Your Everyday Movements and Adding Them to the Public Record

March 25, 2015

Consumer Affairs: Realistically, there's no getting rid of the license plate scanners and other cheap, ubiquitous recording devices already blanketing the public sphere — they will only grow more numerous as the technology continues improving. But it is possible to put legal limits on how much of this data police and other agencies can collect, or how long they can keep it.

Palo Alto: Elected Officials Seek State, Federal Funds to Preserve Buena Vista

March 23, 2015

Mercury News: Following the lead of local governments, U.S. Rep Anna Eshoo, along with state Assemblyman Rich Gordon and state Sen. Jerry Hill, has requested funds from state and federal agencies to help preserve Buena Vista Mobile Home Park as a source of affordable housing.

PUC Critics Cite Concerns Over 'Revolving Door'

March 21, 2015

Contra Costa Times: While California's powerful Public Utilities Commission has taken steps to address controversies over its oversight of the state's utilities, state lawmakers and critics of the agency urge it to adopt tougher rules on a huge obstacle to reform: the revolving door between the PUC and the power industry.

The $3.75 Billion Question: Can California Do Big IT Right

March 20, 2015

Sacramento Bee: With California committed to several billion dollars for a handful of massive state-technology overhauls, an annual ritual has returned to the Capitol: hearings into why big-bucks IT projects fail.

La Honda All Volunteer Fire Brigade Wins 'Oughta Be a Law or Not' Contest

March 20, 2015

San Mateo County Times: La Honda All Volunteer Fire Brigade in San Mateo won state Sen. Jerry Hill's seventh annual "Oughta Be a Law ... or Not" contest, which led to Hill introducing Senate Bill 598 that would exempt California's roughly 250 all-volunteer fire departments from sales tax on fundraising activities.

2 Investigates: New Bill for Study of Crumb Rubber Turf Safety Passes 5-0

March 18, 2015

KTVU: A bill calling for new studies examining the safety of athletic fields made from recycled tires gained approval in the State Senate Environmental Quality Committee Wednesday. The bill passed 5-0.

California Lawmakers Push for Better Regulation of Security Guards

March 18, 2015

Reveal: California lawmakers set the stage today for potential broad changes to security guard regulations, asking tough questions about enforcement and oversight of the state’s growing security guard industry.