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Summer is quickly coming to an end, and Legislators have returned to the State Capitol for the final stretch of passing legislation before the end of the year.

Welcome to my July newsletter. It has been a busy and exciting summer so far! This newsletter contains important updates on legislation and a Presidential visit to Palo Alto.

My family and I hope you had a happy and safe Fourth of July. The Peninsula was full of Independence Day celebrations. To celebrate the founding of our great nation, my son Aaron and I had the honor of participating in the Redwood City Independence Day Parade, which was so much fun!  

Senator Josh Becker’s June ‘23 Newsletter

Good morning and welcome to my April newsletter! Thanks to all who responded to my recent storm newsletter. Remember, if you suffered any damages as a result of the recent power outages, you may be entitled to compensation from PG&E. To find out more, fill out a PG&E claim form as soon as possible.

Welcome to my March newsletter!

While we certainly need the rain, it’s startling to see the amount of damage the accompanying wind storms have done to homes and businesses in the area. Tens of thousands of people lost power, mostly in San Mateo County, in the late February storms and it is just unacceptable that our electricity grid seems to be so fragile.

At the same time, my thanks goes out to the San Mateo County Sheriff's office and to all of the other members of the Peninsula law enforcement community who responded so quickly on that January day. I am always amazed by and thankful for the way so many people in our community come out to help one another, especially in a tragedy. For people who may need counseling or other types of assistance in the wake of the shooting, I have put together a list of resources on my website that may be useful.

My February newsletter won't be out for a couple of weeks, but I wanted to touch base with you on two subjects that I hear a lot about in our communities - the ability of California students to enroll at a University of California (UC) campus and public safety.

Happy New Year and welcome to my January newsletter! As we turn the calendar to 2023, it’s a time to reflect on where we succeeded in 2022, where we need to improve in 2023, and to look ahead to the challenges and possibilities we will all face in the new year.