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Dear Friends,

I hope you and your loved ones are well. Included in this newsletter are important updates on EDD, my growing District team, which is here to serve you, and our response to the pandemic. Concerned about the pace of the initial vaccine rollout, my team and I have been doing everything we can to improve the efficiency and speed of the state vaccine program and to support our counties, which have been leading the way on successful, high-volume vaccination clinics.

I’ve been focused on these five aspects:

Dear Neighbor,

Today Governor Gavin Newsom along with Legislative leaders announced an immediate relief and stimulus package for families and businesses hit hardest by the COVID-19 recession.

The package offers $9.6 billion in assistance in the form of tax deductions, fee relief, stimulus payments, financial assistance, child care subsidies, and student aid for families and businesses who have faced devastating economic hardship because of COVID-19. 


Dear Friends,

Best wishes for the New Year and a strong, safe and successful 2021. I am excited to begin the new year as your representative in our State Senate. We have so many important issues before us: gaining control of the pandemic in California; safe in-person resumption of school, work and our everyday lives; and tackling the challenges of our economy, climate change, housing, transportation and social justice – as well as the equity concerns that underlie these issues.