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Messages to the Community

Letter to Santa Clara County Supervisors on Caltrain

July 21, 2020

"As the author of the legislation that allows a Caltrain dedicated funding measure to be put on the ballot, I urge you to pass a clean measure, without conditions that restrict the funds from being made available immediately and continuously...

In the News

October 13, 2020
Senator Hill, D-San Mateo and Santa Clara Counties, as chair of the Senate’s Labor, Public Employment and Retirement Committee, convenes a hearing to examine the next steps and their timeline. Go to at 9:30 AM, Wednesday, October 14, to watch the livestream.
October 12, 2020
Senator Hill, as chair of the Senate Subcommittee on Gas, Electric and Transportation Safety, convenes a hearing to pose the questions to safety experts, utilities and regulators. Committee member Senator Scott Wiener, D-San Francisco, joins the virtual dais. 
September 30, 2020
Governor Gavin Newsom approved two bills by state Senator Jerry Hill on Tuesday and capped the Peninsula lawmaker’s 12 years in the Legislature by signing into law measures that support safer excavations and Stanford’s renewable energy efforts.
September 28, 2020
Daily Journal -- Hard to believe that come November, Jerry Hill, who has represented us as a councilmember, supervisor, assemblyman and state senator, will become a private citizen...I wanted to know the secret of getting things done in Sacramento and San Mateo County.

Press Releases

Governor Newsom Signs Legislation to Protect California’s Workforce Amid the COVID-19 Pandemic

Governor Gavin Newsom today signed two bills as part of his worker protection package, SB 1159 by Senator Jerry Hill (D-San Mateo) and AB 685 by Assemblymember Eloise Gómez Reyes (D-San Bernardino). SB 1159 expands access to workers’...

September 17, 2020

Governor Signs Bill by Senator Jerry Hill to Aid All-Volunteer Fire Departments

For at least another five years, all-volunteer fire departments will be able to hang onto all money they earn in pancake breakfasts, T-shirt sales and other efforts to raise cash to help fund their operations, under a bill by Senator Jerry...

September 11, 2020

Governor Newsom Signs Landmark Legislation Restricting Store Sales of Flavored Tobacco | Lawmakers Hail Governor’s Swift Action on SB 793

Governor Gavin Newsom signed SB 793 today, making California the leader in state policy on sales of flavored tobacco products. The new law,...

August 28, 2020