Emy Thurber Honored as Woman of the Year

Emily "Emy" Thurber, who has devoted a lifetime to public service and women’s leadership in her community, has been named the 2019 Woman of the Year for the 13thSenate District by state Senator Jerry Hill. View video of the Senate ceremony honoring Emy and read more about her here. See more photos here.

In the News

September 27, 2019
Sacramento Bee: Senator Jerry Hill said statewide action would be more effective and harder for the industry to battle than local efforts. In the state legislative session that just ended, Hill introduced a bill that would have prohibited the sale of flavored tobacco products across California. Strong opposition from the vaping and tobacco industries resulted in amendments that watered down the bill to exclude menthol-flavored tobacco, flavors for hookahs and any other flavored products that existed before 2000. Disappointed with the changes, Hill decided to pull his bill from consideration this year.  Hill plans to come back with a stronger version, one that will include all flavors —with no exceptions. "We have to take some action or we’re not responsible legislators," he said.
September 27, 2019
San Francisco Chronicle: San Francisco’s $2.5 billion plan to take over local Pacific Gas and Electric Co. power lines has unanimous support from the city’s top elected leaders — a rare political feat for such an ambitious and expensive endeavor. AB1054, a state wildfire law passed in July, would make it harder for the city to buy PG&E equipment because it increases the regulatory oversight required for such a deal. But another bill, SB 550 [by Senator Hill], tries to solve that problem by pushing those regulatory provisions into 2021. That would be good news for San Francisco, because the city wants its offer approved as part of PG&E’s plan to exit bankruptcy protection.
September 26, 2019
NBC Bay Area: PG&E’s CEO, Bill Johnson, says Cal Fire got it right. But State Sen. Jerry Hill isn’t so sure, especially since Cal Fire has so far seemed unwilling to look at any evidence that casts doubt on its findings. “It’s outrageous,” he said, “that they’ve kind of dug in their heels and said we’re not going to do that.” Hill says state investigators should think twice when they point the finger and then refuse to reconsider. “We’re going to really force this -- because when you don’t blame the right people, you don’t hold the right people responsible for this. That’s not justice…”
September 26, 2019
KRON 4: “We had the Marlboro man when I was growing up, I think we’re going to see a JUUL man driving an electric convertible,” said State Senator Jerry Hill, [who] blames the vaping popularity on flavored tobacco products. He says next legislative session he will reintroduce a measure that would ban flavored tobacco sales. 

Press Releases

Hospitals, Clinics Must Report Allegations of Patient Sexual Abuse Involving Doctors Under Bill by Senator Hill Signed by the Governor

Starting January 1, hospitals, clinics and other health facilities must report allegations of patient sexual abuse and other sexual misconduct by medical professionals to the appropriate state licensing authorities within 15 days of...

October 14, 2019

Governor Newsom Signs Jojo’s Act to Aid Severely Disabled Students Who Rely on Medicinal Cannabis to Attend School

The bill is a boon for parents of severely disabled students who rely on medicinal cannabis to attend school. SB 223 enables parents to administer their child’s dose on K-12 campuses under strict rules and conditions as long as their school...

October 10, 2019

State Senator Jerry Hill Issues Statement on the Signing of SB 550

"Governor Newsom recognizes that safety is a fundamental requirement for the utilities that serve California, as his signing of 22 bills that build on his Strike Force report shows," Senator Hill said. "I am grateful for the Governor’s and...

October 02, 2019