Emy Thurber Honored as Woman of the Year

Emily "Emy" Thurber, who has devoted a lifetime to public service and women’s leadership in her community, has been named the 2019 Woman of the Year for the 13thSenate District by state Senator Jerry Hill. View video of the Senate ceremony honoring Emy and read more about her here. See more photos here.

In the News

San Francisco Chronicle: “Over and over, PG&E has perverted the public’s perception of a public utility,” state Sen. Jerry Hill, D-San Mateo, said in a statement after Newsom’s letter came out. “It’s high time for new leadership on PG&E’s board, but it does not appear that the company is capable of making sound selections.”
April 01, 2019
NBC News: Hill discovered that child marriages occur in California because, like in many states, there was no minimum age to wed, and in still other states, the laws set the age below age 18, even if one spouse is years or decades older. Often, sometimes all it takes for the child to marry is the permission of a parent or a judge. “One parent said it was OK, a judge checks the box, and it was done,” Hill explained.
April 01, 2019
National Catholic Reporter: Our identity as a Catholic school was challenged when we discussed Sen. Jerry Hill's bill proposing that clergy's penitential privilege be removed so that information about child abuse shared within the sanctity of confession is no longer protected. My perspective is biased towards wanting a safe and life-giving environment to explore faith, ethics and morality. I think Jesus may very well disregard protecting the hierarchy when there are lives at stake. I wonder if he would call the penitential privilege a convenient cover-up. Yes, this may sound extreme, but my experience of Jesus is not the sanitized, goody-two-shoes white Jesus in the portraits that hang in some churches. My experience of Jesus is the "roll-your-sleeves-up-because-this-is-complicated-and-we-must-stand-for-the-whom-the-system-has-failed" brown Jesus who lived by fig and olive trees.
March 28, 2019

Press Releases

USC Grads Join Senator Hill to Support Bill Requiring Hospitals, Clinics to Report Allegations of Patient Sexual Abuse to State Regulators

Three USC grads – a prosecutor, a lawyer and a health administration professional – join Senator Jerry Hill in a news conference on Monday to urge lawmakers to pass Senate Bill 425, which requires hospitals, clinics and other medical...

April 07, 2019

Senator Hill, MADD Hold News Conference on Push to Support Tougher DUI Prevention Bills

The parents of a 15-month-old boy who was killed by a drunk driver and the parents of a Naval Academy midshipman who died when a drunk motorist plowed into the family’s car join other DUI crash survivors, MADD, national road safety advocates...

April 02, 2019

State Senator Jerry Hill Issues Statement on Governor Gavin Newsom’s Letter to PG&E CEO

"It appears that PG&E intends merely to restock its board with different faces, rather than assemble a team with the experience and the expertise to guide the transformation of a utility company that has lost the public’s trust,"...

March 28, 2019