Press Releases


SOUTH SAN FRANCISCO – Senator Josh Becker, joined jubilant students, teachers, parents and school and city leaders today to celebrate California’s first observance of Ruby Bridges Walk to School Day – an event made possible by fifth-graders at Martin Elementary School.

Congresswoman Jackie Speier is a true superhero. Throughout her incredible career in public service, she has done so much for the people of the Peninsula, our state and our country.

We all owe her an enormous debt of gratitude. Her courage and her forthright representation have been an inspiration for me and countless others.

In a press conference at the UN Climate Conference today, Senator Josh Becker reviewed the past, present and future of California climate policy and announced two major initiatives for the upcoming legislative session.

After reviewing California’s leadership, he concluded that he’s proud that “since 2000, California has reduced its emissions per capita by more than 20% while at the same time growing our economy by more than 60%.”

Governor Gavin Newsom signed legislation by Senator Josh Becker on Friday to make it easier and less costly for property owners who want to power their homes with electricity so they can reduce or eliminate use of fossil fuels.

 California was successful in its campaign to reach 1 million solar roofs and now this is the first step in the new campaign to reach 1 million all-electric buildings.

SACRAMENTO — Today Governor Gavin Newsom signed the Better & Equitable Sentencing Through Thoughtful (BESTT) Practices Act 2.0, an important justice reform bill by Senator Josh Becker.

Governor Gavin Newsom swept away a major barrier to creation of affordable housing for two key populations – seniors and transition-age foster youth – by signing housing legislation today by state Senator Josh Becker. The Peninsula Democrat’s Senate Bill 591 enables affordable housing developers to build intergenerational housing for the elderly and foster youth transitioning to adulthood by using tax credits for financing. The option had not been available and stymied attempts to build such projects.

Governor Gavin Newsom signed legislation by Senator Josh Becker today to implement a statewide standard for signature verification of mail-in ballots, timely outreach to voters whose ballots are rejected, and periodic reporting about the nature of those rejections.

Governor Gavin Newsom today signed landmark legislation by Senator Josh Becker that will make California the first state to directly target greenhouse gas emissions from cement. Senate Bill 596 also is the first bill in any California sector to focus on achieving net-zero emissions.