Press Releases


Senator Josh Becker announced legislation today to extend California’s Universal Meals funding – which will soon make free breakfast and lunch available to all public school students – to state-licensed daycare providers so they also can provide free meals to children who are too young to attend school. “California’s youngest children cannot be left out of our state’s groundbreaking meals policy to tackle food insecurity among learners,” he said.

Senator Josh Becker introduced SB 948 today to substantially reduce costs for affordable housing projects in the state by enabling affordable housing developers to make the best use of limited financial resources. “We must do everything in our power to address the affordable housing crisis in our communities, including coming up with creative ways to free up existing resources to build more affordable homes,” he said.

Senator Becker’s SB 917 would create a more seamless integrated Bay Area transit system that works better for riders and ultimately draws more members of the public back onto transit. “We must act quickly to entice riders back to public transit—and put the rider experience front and center,” said Senator Becker. The bill requires transit agencies in the region to work together to develop an integrated transit fare structure, develop a single regional transit map and standardized wayfinding system, and more.

The San Mateo County Community College District would be granted more flexibility to help students experiencing financial hardship meet the cost of attendance – including the authority to waive enrollment fees – under a bill introduced by Senator Josh Becker. “Increasing access to higher education is life-changing. It is one of the most important things we can do for our residents to ensure economic mobility for our entire community,” said Senator Becker. “I’m proud to work with the San Mateo County Community College District on Senate Bill 893.”

For Immediate Release

SACRAMENTO –State Senator Josh Becker introduced legislation today to create the statewide Digital Education Equity Program, called DEEP, to provide California public school districts with equitable access to the professional development for teachers and technical assistance that enable schools to effectively use technology in education.

California’s renters tax credit would be updated to help low-income households, especially those with children, under a broadly supported bipartisan bill introduced by Senator Steve Glazer and coauthored by Senator Josh Becker. “California renters are caught between the soaring costs to keep a roof over their heads and the scarcity of affordable housing. No one feels the squeeze as much as low-income families. This legislation would increase the renters tax credit for those who need it most," said Senator Becker.

Governor Gavin Newsom’s proposed budget invests in our state’s sustainability and resilience on every level, while projecting a $45.7 billion surplus that includes $20.4B in uncommitted funds and maintaining healthy reserves. "I’m particularly excited about $22.5 billion in Climate Action investments proposed over a five-year period, including $6.1 billion to catalyze transition to Zero-Emissions Vehicles and $2 billion in Clean Energy investments to advance building and industry decarbonization, wind energy, long-duration energy storage and more," Senator Becker said.

SOUTH SAN FRANCISCO – Senator Josh Becker, joined jubilant students, teachers, parents and school and city leaders today to celebrate California’s first observance of Ruby Bridges Walk to School Day – an event made possible by fifth-graders at Martin Elementary School.