Press Releases

(Sacramento) – The Bay Area Legislative Caucus (BALC) has chosen Senator Josh Becker (D-San Mateo) as its new vice-chairman to help lead the caucus for the 2023-24 legislative session.

Senator Becker Invites Folks To Talk Over Coffee At
Mazra Mediterranean Restaurant in San Bruno On February 16

SACRAMENTO – “We spent the last two years making a historic $54 billion investment to battle climate change. The proposed cuts and delays are concerning at a time when we should be accelerating our work, not tapping the brake pedal. As the chair of the budget subcommittee that will be reviewing these proposals, I’m committed to looking for ways to keep the climate change agenda moving forward.”

Instead Of Just Obeying Laws, Now’s Your Chance To Make One!

SACRAMENTO – As the January 20th deadline draws closer, time is running out for anyone who wants to enter Senator Josh Becker’s (D-Menlo Park) inaugural “There Oughta Be A Law” contest.

Subcommittee Helps Direct How & Where $10-$20 Billion In Climate Change, Wildfire Prevention, & Environmental Protection Dollars Will Be Spent

SACRAMENTO – “A fantastic opportunity to move the climate change agenda forward and a responsibility to protect the environmental gains we’ve made over the past several years.”  That’s how Senator Josh Becker (D-San Mateo) reacted to his appointment late Thursday to chair the Senate Budget Committee’s Subcommittee on Resources, Environmental Protection and Energy.

Work On Equity, Opportunity, & Climate Issues Highlight San Mateo Senator’s Second Year In Legislature

SACRAMENTO – The New Year brings with it new laws that will affect millions of Californians.  A number of those measures – 14 in all – were authored by Senator Josh Becker (D-San Mateo) during the 2022 legislative session.

SACRAMENTO – For far too many Californians who have no choice but to go to civil court to resolve a dispute, the court system’s high filing fees make getting through the front doors next to impossible.  That should begin to change for tens of thousands of financially-pressed Californians thanks to Senator Josh Becker (D-Menlo Park).

(Sacramento) – Setting building performance standards that will improve energy efficiency and cut costs for customers are the goals of Senator Josh Becker’s (D-San Mateo) new SB 48, which was introduced at the State Capitol.