Press Releases


Typically, summer heatwaves add stress to our electricity grid. Increased warming and extreme heat events from climate change add a further burden. What must California do to ensure grid reliability while also reducing use of fossil fuels? Senator Josh Becker, chair of the Senate Subcommittee on Clean Energy Future, holds a hearing to explore the issue.

Our state Senate and Assembly have approved historic investments for the recovery and resiliency of Californians and our state, while banking hefty reserves and positioning California for a strong future. We have a budget to be proud of. As a longtime advocate for education at all levels, affordable housing, mental health, economic equity, social justice and fast-tracking our clean energy transition, I’m pleased with budget elements we’re sending to the governor.

UPDATED: The Legislature approved more than $12 million in Peninsula investments proposed by Senator Josh Becker in the package of trailer bills that were passed on June 29 and sent to Governor Newsom, who signed them June 30. “This funding will help improve the lives of Peninsula residents while strongly contributing to a healthier environment, strengthening pathways to skilled, good-paying jobs, fostering entrepreneurship and local business, and creating parklets in our county seat for all to enjoy,” said state Senator Josh Becker, D-Peninsula.

This is a very dark day: Today, a highly politicized US Supreme Court overturned Roe v Wade to roll back human and reproductive rights. Not in California! Our Governor, our Legislative leaders and I are working to make California a place to welcome all women in need of the reproductive health services that SCOTUS has said can be denied.

Project Safety Net of Palo Alto, named by Senator Josh Becker as the 13th Senate District’s Nonprofit of the Year, took its place today among the state’s outstanding nonprofits that were celebrated at the Capitol. “Project Safety Net’s collaboration with our community organizations, schools and local government has created a strong network of support and services to prevent teen suicides and nurture the mental health and wellness of young people,” said Senator Becker, D-Peninsula. “As a long-time advocate for mental health services, especially for our youth, I’m proud to name Project Safety Net the 13th Senate District’s Nonprofit of the Year.”

SACRAMENTO – Fifteen bills representing the array of Senator Josh Becker’s legislative priorities were cleared by the powerful Senate Appropriation Committee on Thursday, allowing the bills to advance to a floor vote by the state Legislature’s upper house.

The deadline for bills to pass their house of origin is May 27. Senator Becker’s bills are among the roughly 300 that are eligible for Senate votes next week.

A future that was unthinkable just a few years ago is quickly becoming reality. I will fight every day—for my daughter, and for all people—until our progress on reproductive rights is restored for everyone. In California, we value, protect and defend reproductive rights. I stand with our Governor, legislative leaders, Senate Pro Tem Toni Atkins and Assembly Speaker Anthony Rendon, who have announced they are preparing a Constitutional amendment to ensure and protect access to abortion in California. We cannot allow hard-won reproductive freedoms established nearly 50 years ago to be cancelled by those who do not recognize the rights of reproductive choice and health care, including access to safe abortions.”

With a stroke of a pen, Acting Governor Eleni Kounalakis signed Senator Josh Becker’s Senate Bill 504 into law today to ensure equal access to voter registration for overseas military personnel and people living with disabilities.The legislation was the first to be signed by Acting Governor Kounalakis and the first bill by Senator Becker to become law in 2022. “I’m so honored for Acting Governor Kounalakis to sign my voter access and equity legislation into law,” said Senator Becker, D-Menlo Park. “With Acting Governor Kounalakis as our head of state, it’s a long-awaited historic day for California that’s made all the more significant as we observe Women’s History Month.”