Legislative Accomplishments


2023 Legislative Package

Energy and Environment

SB 48: Building Performance Standards: Improves energy and water efficiency and reduces greenhouse gas emissions in large buildings (both residential and commercial) in order to lower utility bills, improve grid reliability, make the state more resilient to droughts, and achieve the state’s climate targets. It directs the California Energy Commission to develop a strategy that can leverage existing data to reduce energy and water use, including the potential use of building performance standards.

SB 49: Solar Canopies Parking: States the intent of the Legislature to provide tax incentives for the construction of solar canopies over large parking lots to boost the local generation of clean electricity in urban and suburban areas.

SB 308: Carbon Dioxide Removal Market Development Act: States the intent of the Legislature to encourage the development of carbon dioxide removal in order to meet the state’s carbon dioxide removal targets.

SB 410: Interconnection Data and Timelines: Gathers data about the causes of interconnection times and requires the Public Utilities Commission to set and plan for compliance for reasonable interconnection timelines. Interconnection approvals are needed when connecting a new appliance or providing electrical upgrades to a building on the electricity distribution grid.

SB 420: Single Agency Control Over Transmission Approval: Creates a priority approval process for transmission projects critical for clean energy transition targets and grid reliability.

SB 485: Enteric Fermentation Program: Requires the California Air Resources Board to develop an offset compliance protocol for enteric fermentation emissions -- the emissions that result from predominantly cows' digestive gas.

Public Safety Reform

SB 81: Board of Parole Hearing Reform: Reduces subjectivity in the parole process by prohibiting the Board of Parole Hearings from relying on factors associated with bias when making a decision to deny parole, and provides guidance on the standard for judicial review over parole decisions.

SB 448: Juveniles: Pre-Adjudication County Detention: Ensures a juvenile's county of residence isn't a determining factor in the detainment decision process.

SB 474: Prison Canteen: Alleviates cost pressures for incarcerated people and their families by eliminating price markups on items purchased in California’s prison canteen stores.

SB 719: Police Radios Newsroom Access: Requires law enforcement agencies that elect to encrypt all communications to grant access to all media requests to review the communications within 30 days.

Economic Opportunity

SB 322: Union Neutrality Battery Manufacturing: Prioritizes large state grants for battery manufacturers who agree to remain union neutral and who agree to demonstrate other high road job characteristics, such as hiring displaced workers and complying with state and federal  safety laws.

SB 382 Pay for Success Act: Creates the California Workforce Pay for Success Program, an outcomes-based funding program that will nimbly fund workforce development projects with a proven track record of success to help individuals with employment barriers, such as formerly incarcerated youth, immigrants and refugees, obtain high quality jobs.


SB 341: Removing Barriers to Affordable Housing: Prevents private affordable housing developers from being unfairly penalized when applying for highly competitive award incentive programs.

SB 634: Transitional Housing Land Use: Expresses the intent of the Legislature to enact subsequent legislation relating to interim supportive housing.


SB 362: Data Brokers Reporting: Moves the reporting date for data brokers back by one month.

SB 721: The California Interagency AI Working Group: Creates the California Interagency Artificial Intelligence (AI) Working Group to produce a biannual report on the implications and safeguards for AI technology.

Local Government

SB 537: Expanding Local Government Teleconferencing for Regional Boards: Expands teleconferencing for local government boards and agencies and collects data on the use of virtual meetings.


SB 570: Perinatal Care: Prohibits the State Department of Public Health from interfering with a pregnant individual’s access to secure genetic screening testing as recommended by the pregnant individual’s prenatal care provider.

SB 582: Software Provider Data: Regulates providers of healthcare software to prevent overcharging physicians for health data-sharing software and increasing costs for patients.

SB 608: Child Health and Safety License Plate Program: Revamps the Child Health and Safety License Plate Program to provide increased equitable funding for children's health and safety initiatives to all 58 counties.