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PG&E fined for using unqualified contractors to make 500,000 gas-system inspections

December 23, 2016

Mercury News: State regulators slapped PG&E with a $5.45 million fine Friday for using unqualified contractors to inspect its natural gas system, which raised fresh worries about the gas network’s safety in the wake of a fatal explosion in San Bruno.

Calif. Bill Urges States to Use Popular Vote in Choosing President

December 23, 2016

Inquirer.Net: State Senators Jerry Hill and Ben Allen filed a joint resolution calling on other states to pass National Popular Vote legislation to ensure that electoral votes for the president of the United States reflect the will of American voters, superseding the Electoral College.

Editorial: Governor’s Appointments Can Restore PUC Trust

December 21, 2016

Mercury News: Governor Jerry Brown has a golden opportunity to name two new commissioners to the California Public Utility Commission who will make safety and the public’s interest their top priority.

17 New Laws Courtesy of San Mateo Lawmaker

December 20, 2016 Laws to protect Californians from DUI offenders, help establish an earthquake early warning system, reform the California Public Utilities Commission, increase oversight of building contractors, require police to securely stow any handgun left in a car, improve tour bus safety, crack down on water-guzzling households, and more take effect on January 1.

Critics Want Outsider to Boost 'Noxious' Culture of Safety at California Public Utilities Commission

December 16, 2016

NBC Bay Area: State Sen. Jerry Hill, (D-San Mateo), says that despite strong criticism by an independent review panel and the National Transportation Safety Board, the agency has been unable to reform how it views safety.

San Bruno Blast: Probe into PUC Role Still Unresolved

December 15, 2016

Capitol Weekly: Six years after the devastating San Bruno natural gas pipeline blast led to the deaths of eight people, the California Public Utilities Commission has not been held accountable for what elected officials say was its role in the tragedy. State Sen. Jerry Hill, Assembly Speaker pro tem Kevin Mullin and San Bruno Mayor Jim Ruane are trying to change that.

Red Light, Green Backs: Elk Grove, Rancho Cordova Rake in Revenues from Minor Traffic Infractions Caught on Camera

December 15, 2016

Sacramento News & Review: “There’s nothing wrong with having a red light camera at an intersection to catch the person driving straight through, who creates a real hazardous situation,” said state Sen. Jerry Hill. “But they don’t have to install that second camera aiming at that right turn lane. It’s a cash cow for them. And they know it. And they think we’re stupid. And it’s sad.”

California Auditor Blasts State Nursing Board for Investigation Delays

December 13, 2016

Mercury News: In a blistering report issued Tuesday, the California State Auditor warned the Board of Registered Nursing that its delays in resolving complaints against nurses accused of negligence involving patient injury or death pose a serious threat to others.

Charter Bus Riders Who Choose Not to Buckle Up Could Be Fined Under New Proposal

December 06, 2016

Los Angeles Times: State Senator Jerry Hill (D-San Mateo) has introduced State Bill 20, which would require drivers of charter buses to tell passengers before each trip that they are required to wear seatbelts

Martins Beach: State Takes First Step Toward Eminent Domain

December 06, 2016

Mercury News: The [State Lands] commission got involved in 2015 after Sen. Jerry Hill, D-San Mateo, authored legislation requiring the agency to negotiate an easement and asking the commission, if negotiations failed, to consider using condemnation.