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Loal Lawmakers Take Aim at Trump's Immigration Ban

February 01, 2017

Half Moon Bay Review: State Sen. Jerry Hill, U.S. Reps. Jackie Speier and Anna Eshoo, all Democrats representing the Coastside, released statements on Monday and Tuesday condemning the ban and endorsing legislation that would oppose or reverse it.

Criminal Probes of PUC Continue After the San Bruno Blast

January 31, 2017

Mercury News: The state Public Utilities Commission is still paying legal fees to outside attorneys to help it cope with criminal investigations linked to improper ties between the regulators and big utilities such as PG&E, amid accusations that the commission’s culture of cozy arrangements helped cause a fatal explosion in San Bruno.

Lawmakers Have Doubts That The System To License Marijuana Sales In California Will Be In Place By Deadline

January 31, 2017

Los Angeles Times: State lawmakers voiced doubts Monday about the ability of state agencies to finish crafting regulations and a licensing system for the sale of recreational marijuana in California by the end of this year, as promised to voters.

Storms Preview Sea-Rise Damage To California Roads, Cities

January 30, 2017

Associated Press: Ocean rise already is worsening the floods and high tides sweeping California this stormy winter, climate experts say, and this month's damage and deaths highlight that even a state known as a global leader in fighting climate change has yet to tackle some of the hardest work of dealing with it.

PG&E Get Maximum Sentence for San Bruno Crimes

January 26, 2017

Mercury News: A federal judge sentenced PG&E for crimes linked to the deadly San Bruno pipeline explosion, imposing the maximum fine of $3 million and branding the utility as a convicted felon.

California Regulations for Driverless Cars Stall as Other States Speed Ahead

January 26, 2017

Los Angeles Times:This doesn’t look good, Jerry Hill remembers thinking. He saw the photos online: Uber cars being loaded onto trucks in San Francisco, bound for Arizona. They were new Volvos, test cars bristling with driverless technology. 

Inspired to Stand with California: Local Legislators React to Governor's Address

January 25, 2017

Daily Journal: In the face of potentially sweeping changes at the federal level, local state legislators were enthused by Gov. Jerry Brown’s impassioned speech urging California lawmakers to stand behind progress they’ve made on an array of critical issues from climate change to immigration. State Sen. Jerry Hill, D-San Mateo, said he walked away from Brown’s address with a clear message — keep up the fight. “I felt very proud that we as Californians are acting and putting our values first."

PG&E Likely to Get $3M Fine for Deadly San Bruno Blast and an Order to Air Ads

January 23, 2017

KQED: A San Francisco federal judge said Monday that PG&E should receive the maximum sentence for violating pipeline safety laws before and after a deadly San Bruno gas pipeline explosion in September 2010. “It’s shameful that the sentence is so minor,” said Sen. Jerry Hill, a Democrat who represents San Bruno. “When you look at $3 million for a company that makes over a billion dollars in profit annually, it’s nothing. This is a drop in the bucket for them.”

FBI Refuses to Say How Stolen Machine Gun was Stored in Agent’s Car in Contra Costa

January 23, 2017

Mercury News: The sponsor of a new state law requiring law enforcement officers to lock up guns in parked vehicles said on Monday that the FBI should be more forthcoming about how a powerful sub-machine gun was stolen from an agent’s car in central Contra Costa County two weeks ago.


California Lawmakers Consider Easing Self-Driving Permit Process

January 23, 2017

Capital Public Radio: California lawmakers are mulling over the state’s rules for self-driving cars.