Press Releases

Statement from Senator Hill on Governor Signing Legislation to Increase Transparency, Oversight of PUC

September 29, 2016

Governor Brown today signed three bills by Senator Jerry Hill that are part of a broad package of legislation to increase transparency and oversight of the California Public Utilities Commission.

Earthquake Early Warning Bill Signed into Law by Governor Brown

September 29, 2016

News Release from the Office of the Governor: Governor Edmund G. Brown Jr. today signed legislation - SB 438 by Senator Jerry Hill (D-San Mateo) - to help advance the development of a statewide earthquake early warning system in California.

Bill to Expand Ignition Interlock Program for DUIs Statewide Signed by Governor

September 28, 2016

Governor Jerry Brown signed into law Senator Jerry Hill’s legislation to extend and expand statewide a pilot program that requires drunk driving offenders to use ignition interlocks – devices that prevent cars from starting if their drivers are not sober.

Governor Signs Hill Bill Requiring Law Enforcement Officers To Securely Stow Handguns Left in Vehicles

September 26, 2016

Governor Brown signed legislation by Senator Jerry Hill to update California law so that law enforcement officers are not exempt from requirements for safe storage of handguns left unattended in vehicles.

Bill to Step Up Oversight of Building Contractors Signed by Governor Brown

September 15, 2016

Governor Brown signed Senate Bill 465 in a private ceremony this morning attended by the family of the Bay Area student who died and Irish dignitaries representing the five exchange students killed and the seven others seriously injured when a balcony of a Berkeley apartment building collapsed.

Hill, MADD Urge Governor to Sign SB1046 Requiring IIDs for DUI Offenders

September 08, 2016

Senator Jerry Hill and Mothers Against Drunk Driving called today for Governor Jerry Brown to sign legislation to prevent drunk drivers from getting behind the wheel and driving drunk again.

Senate Passes SB 465 with Bipartisan Unanimous Vote as Legislative Deadline Looms

August 31, 2016

With a vote of 37-0, the state Senate approved legislation to bring more oversight to the construction contractors’ industry, sending the bill introduced to address accountability gaps revealed by the Berkeley balcony tragedy to the governor for his consideration.


Governor Signs Hill Bill to Crack Down on Water-Guzzling Households During Droughts

August 29, 2016

Governor Brown has signed legislation by Senator Jerry Hill into law to pull the plug on excessive water use by households that flout mandatory reductions during drought emergencies.

Bill Requiring Ignition Interlock Devices for DUI Offenders Heads to Governor for Consideration

August 25, 2016

With a 39-0 vote, the state Senate passed Senator Jerry Hill’s SB 1046 to require ignition interlock devices for DUI offenders and expand a current four-county IID pilot program statewide.

Assembly Appropriations Committee Passes Contractors Oversight Bill, SB 465

August 11, 2016

Legislation to heighten oversight of building contractors – introduced in response to the Berkeley balcony tragedy that killed six students – now moves to the state Assembly for consideration, following the bill’s passage Thursday by a key Assembly committee.