Legislative Accomplishments


SB-48  Building Energy Savings Act - improves energy efficiency and reduces greenhouse gas emissions in large buildings (both residential and commercial) in order to lower utility bills, improve grid reliability, and achieve the state’s climate targets. Status: Chaptered 10/07/2023

SB-49  Renewable energy: Department of Transportation: evaluation - supports the development of solar generation, energy storage, and transmission lines in highway right-of-ways. Status: Chaptered 10/07/2023

SB-308 Carbon Dioxide Removal Market Development Act - creates a plan for achieving the state's net zero emissions target by supporting the development of carbon removal projects to balance out the remaining 65 million tons of greenhouse gas emissions that the state predicts will still occur in 2045. Status: In Committee Process - Assembly Natural Resources 07/06/2023

SB-322 Zero-Emission Vehicle Battery Manufacturing Block Grants Program -  prioritizes businesses that adopt High Road workforce and job quality standards in the Zero-Emission Vehicle Battery Manufacturing Grant program to employ individuals with barriers to employment and create an equitable and just battery manufacturing industry in California. Status: Pending Action in Assembly Appropriations 09/01/2023

SB-341 Housing development - unlocks state funding for affordable housing. Status: Chaptered 10/11/2023

SB-362 Data broker registration: accessible deletion mechanism - creates a first in the nation option for you to delete your online data. Status: Chaptered 10/10/2023

SB-382 California Workforce Pay for Success Act - creates the Workforce Pay for Success Program, an outcomes-based funding program that will fund workforce development projects with a proven track record of success. Status: Pending Action in Senate Appropriations 05/18/2023

SB-410 Powering Up Californians Act - solves the massive problem of delayed interconnection improvements by holding utilities like PG&E accountable to better connect homes and businesses to the grid. Status: Chaptered 10/07/2023

SB-420 Electricity: electrical transmission facility projects - simplifies the approval process for priority transmission projects needed to meet grid reliability and clean energy targets. Status: Vetoed 10/7/2023

SB-448 Juveniles: detention hearings - ensures that youth will be considered for the least restrictive alternatives to detention regardless of their county of residence. Status: Chaptered 10/08/2023

SB-474 Canteens - reduces the unjust markup on everyday necessities like hygiene products, food and health supplements in prison canteen stores. Chaptered 10/08/2023

SB-485 Elections: election worker protections - protects election workers and volunteers from harassment. Status: Chaptered 10/08/2023

SB-537 Open meetings: multijurisdictional, cross-county agencies: teleconferences - encourages public participation by allowing some multijurisdictional boards to choose to allow members to convene remotely when they have greater barriers to attend in-person. Status: Assembly Inactive File 09/14/2023

SB-570 Prenatal screening program - prohibits the California Department of Public Health (CDPH) from establishing a rule or regulation, or imposing contractual requirements, that would interfere with a pregnant individual’s ability to access genetic screening as recommended by their prenatal care provider. Status: Held in Assembly Appropriations 09/01/2023

SB-582 Health information - authorizes the California Health and Human Services Data Exchange Framework to create policies for including electronic health records vendors in the legal structure of the framework and will incorporate federal standards for the reasonableness of vendor fees. Status: Vetoed 10/08/2023

SB-608 Child health and safety: “Have a Heart, Be a Star, Help Our Kids” license plate program - revamps the Kids’ Plates Specialty Vehicle Licensing funding program to increase the amount of funding captured through the sale and renewal of these special license plates to improve health outcomes for California’s kids. Status: Held in Senate Appropriations 05/18/2023

SB-634 Low Barrier Navigation Center: opportunity housing: use by right: building standards - makes it easier to build ‘opportunity’ housing: relocatable low barrier navigation centers reserved for people experiencing or at risk of experiencing homelessness. Status: Held in Senate Appropriations 05/18/2023

SB-719 Law enforcement agencies: radio communications - grants communities options to maintain access to police communications while simultaneously protecting sensitive identifying information. This protects the freedom of the press to report and the public's right to know what is happening in their community. Status: Pending Action in Senate Appropriations 05/18/2023

SB-721 California Interagency AI Working Group - creates the California Interagency Artificial Intelligence (AI) Working Group to produce a biannual report on the implications and safeguards for AI technology. Status: In Committee Process - Assembly Privacy and Consumer Protection 06/01/2023

SB-755 - Energy efficiency and building decarbonization programs - requires the California Energy Commission to create a single online application to apply for California’s residential energy programs. Status: Held in Assembly Appropriations 09/01/2023

SB-762 Local detention facilities: safety checks - requires the Board of State and Community Corrections to update their standards to include specific procedures to ensure that incarcerated individuals are alive and well in the county jail facilities. Status: Assembly Inactive File 09/11/2023

SB-784 Health care districts: employment - expands healthcare access for California’s diverse and often underserved populations by providing physicians the choice to be directly hired by public healthcare district hospitals. Status: Pending Action in Senate Appropriations 05/15/2023

SB-803 Personal services contracts - closes a loophole in existing law that allows state contractors to pay property service workers below industry standards. Status: Assembly Inactive File 09/11/2023

SCR-51 Special Olympics Day - proclaims April 18, 2023, as Special Olympics Day in California. Status: Chaptered 05/18/2023

SR-14  “Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy Awareness Day” - designates the fourth Wednesday in February of each year as “Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy Awareness Day” in order to raise public awareness about hypertrophic cardiomyopathy. Status:  Enrolled 02/22/2023



SB-876 Educational technology: Digital Education Equity Program: county offices of education - requires the California Department of Education to provide technical assistance and teacher professional development to local educational agencies on educational technology. Status: Held in Assembly Appropriations 8/11/22

SB-887 Electricity: transmission facility planning - accelerates the transmission construction by requiring the Public Utility Commission and the Energy Commission to provide long-term forecasts so that the Independent System Operator (CAISO) can plan and authorize necessary transmission projects. Status: Chaptered 09/16/2022

SB-893 - Community colleges: San Mateo County Community College District: California College Promise - provides greater flexibility to the San Mateo County Community College District to use their existing local revenues to reduce costs for students furthering their education. Status: Chaptered 09/30/2022

SB-917 Seamless Transit Transformation Act - requires transit agencies in the San Francisco Bay Area to work together to improve coordination and integration in a variety of areas, including fares, service standards, mapping and wayfinding, in order to improve the rider experience. Status:  Held in Assembly Appropriations 8/11/2022

SB-948 Housing finance programs: development reserves - cuts costs for affordable housing projects by shifting the responsibility to hold a certain amount of money – what are called “transition reserves” – from the individual project level to a pooled reserve model operated by the Department of Housing and Community Development. Status: Chaptered 09/28/2022

SB-1000 Law enforcement agencies: radio communications - protects the freedom of the press to report and the public's right to know what is going on in their community by granting options to access police communications while simultaneously protecting sensitive identifying information. Status: Held in Assembly Appropriations 8/11/2022

SB-1008 Corrections: communications - eliminates telecommunication fees for all communications to and from currently incarcerated people in California state prisons. Status: Chaptered 09/29/2022

SB-1032 State Energy Resources Conservation and Development Commission: electrical transmission grid development and expansion: study - requires the Energy Commission to provide recommendations to the Governor and the Legislature for ways to reduce the cost and accelerate the development of electrical transmission. Status: Held in Assembly Appropriations   8/11/2022

SB-1059 Privacy: data brokers - significantly strengthens California’s existing data broker law by giving Californians stronger privacy rights and better visibility into the data brokers who collect, sell, and share our personal data, including real-time location and other sensitive information. Status: Held in Senate Appropriations 5/19/2022

SB-1094 Local planning - helps accelerate innovative types of affordable housing and allows Regional Housing Needs Allocation credit for interim or transitional housing. Status: Held in Senate Appropriations 5/19/2022

SB-1112 Energy: building decarbonization: notice and recordation of a decarbonization charge - encourages the creation of Tariffed On-Bill investment programs as a way to make low-cost capital for climate-beneficial building upgrades widely available to improve our buildings and advance our climate goals. Status: Chaptered 09/29/2022

SB-1117 State Public Defender: grants - permits the Office of the State Public Defender to issue grant awards to the most innovative public defender offices and programs across the state to elevate best practices and improve the quality and consistency of indigent defense across California. Status: Chaptered 09/27/2022

SB-1158 Retail electricity suppliers: emissions of greenhouse gases - establishes reporting requirements for electricity suppliers so that we can measure progress against their greenhouse gas emissions targets and ensure that the electricity sector is on track to achieve our 100% clean energy goals. Status: Chaptered 09/16/2022

SB-1203 Net-zero emissions of greenhouse gases: state agency operations - establishes a goal for all state agencies to achieve zero net greenhouse gas emissions from their own operations by 2035 or as soon as feasible thereafter. Status: Chaptered 09/16/2022

SB-1223 Criminal procedure: mental health diversion - ensures that more Californians receive the mental health support and resources they need by safely increasing the use of mental health diversion in appropriate cases. Status: Chaptered 09/29/2022

SB-1248 Minor league baseball players: contract restrictions - begins the process of giving Minor League baseball players – almost half of whom are people of color and immigrants – fair labor protections and benefits. Status: Held in Senate Labor, Public Employment and Retirement 4/19/2022

SB-1272 Crimes: intercepting telephone communications - modernizes California’s eavesdropping statute to clarify that the existing exclusion from liability for the facilitation of services applies to all phone companies, regardless of the technology used to transmit the call. Status: Chaptered 06/20/2022

SB-1301 Corporation Tax Law: Personal Income Tax Law: credits: green energy: manufacturing - establishes California’s first clean energy manufacturing tax credit. Status: Held in Assembly Revenue and Taxation 6/20/2022

SB-1332 Building performance standards - states the intent of the Legislature to create building performance standards for improvements in water and energy efficiency and reductions in the emissions of greenhouse gases in large buildings and to create a set of related financial support programs and tenant protection measures. Status: Held in Senate Rules 3/16//2022

SB-1346 Surplus medication collection and distribution - makes various changes to the requirements for a voluntary drug repository and distribution program that distributes surplus medications to medically indigent patients. Status: Chaptered 09/30/2022

SB-1407 California Employee Ownership Act - establishes a dedicated hub within the Governor’s Office of Business and Economic Development to spur employee ownership of businesses. Status: Chaptered 09/29/2022

SB-1419 Health information - provides patients the right to receive results of an imaging scan in written or oral form and provides enhanced protection for sensitive medical information. Status: Chaptered 09/30/2022

SB-1481 Preschools, child daycare facilities, and Trustline providers: meals - creates a free meal program in child care centers that abide by the federal Child and Adult Care Food Programs standards and eliminates the State Meal Reimbursement pay penalty that currently only reimburses up to 75% of meal costs. Status: Held in Assembly Appropriations         8/11/2022

SR-59 - proclaims November 14, 2021, and each November 14 thereafter, as Ruby Bridges Walk to School Day in the State of California. Status: Passed Senate 09/10/2021



SB-67 Clean energy: California 24/7 Clean Energy Standard Program - ensures that when we meet the 100% clean energy standard by 2045, the electricity that we are using is truly 100% greenhouse gas free. Held in Senate Energy, Utilities and Communications 4/26/2022

SB-68 Building electrification and electric vehicle charging - reduces the barriers for people who are voluntarily trying to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions. Status: Chaptered 10/08/2021

SB-345 Energy programs and projects: nonenergy benefits -requires the California Public Utilities Commission to establish common definitions of non-energy benefits, and attempt to determine consistent values for use in all distributed energy resource programs. Status: Held Senate Appropriations 5/20/2022

SB-355 Court fees and costs: waiver - expands the categories of persons eligible for a waiver of fees and costs charged by California courts. Held on Assembly Inactive File 9/8/2022

SB-503 Voting: ballots and signature verification - ensures that voters have ample time to correct their ballot signatures and reduces the risk that ballots are mistakenly rejected. Status: Chaptered 09/27/2021

SB-504 Elections: voter registration - clarifies that a military/overseas voter and a voter with a disability may complete a conditional voter registration and cast a ballot, and removes obsolete provisions that refer to a vote-by-mail ballot application that may cause confusion for voters. Status: Chaptered 03/31/2022

SB-591 Senior citizens: intergenerational housing developments - authorizes the establishment of an intergenerational housing development for senior citizens, caregivers, or transition age youths. Status: Chaptered 09/28/2021

SB-596 Greenhouse gases: cement sector: net-zero emissions strategy - requires the California Air Resources Board, by July 1, 2023, to develop a comprehensive strategy for the state's cement sector to achieve net-zero greenhouse gas emissions no later than December 31, 2045. Status: Chaptered 09/23/2021

SB-640 Transportation financing: jointly funded projects - authorizes two or more eligible cities, or one or more cities and a county, to propose a project be jointly funded with their respective local streets and roads dollars to help ease road repair and maintenance. Status: Chaptered 07/16/2021

SB-659 Community colleges: California College Promise - authorizes a community college district to charge an enrollment fee that is lower than the amount established in statute to students who do not already benefit from existing fee waiver policies. The bill also allows a district to use California College Promise funds to assist students with their total cost of college attendance. Status: Held in Senate Appropriations 5/20/2021

SB-767 Educational technology: Digital Education Equity Program: regional consortia: State Digital Equity Plan - creates the Digital Education Equity Program to be planned and implemented by the California Department of Education in concert with County Offices of Education to provide equitable educational technology support to all school districts. Status:  Held in Assembly Appropriations 8/26/2022

SB-769 Housing: pilot program: rental vouchers: skilled nursing facility patients - creates a pilot program, from January 1, 2023, to January 1, 2026, to provide housing rental-related subsidies to skilled nursing facility patients who, but for a lack of housing, would be discharged from the facility. Status:  Held in Senate Housing 4/5/2022

SB-771 Prenatal screening program - prohibits the California Department of Public Health from preventing a clinical laboratory from offering noninvasive prenatal testing to a pregnant person who has opted out of the California Prenatal Screening (PNS) Program or chosen to have testing in addition to the genetic tests offered as part of the PNS Program. Status: Held in Assembly Appropriations 8/11/2022

SB-775 Felony murder: resentencing - clarifies that SB 1437 (Skinner, 2018) applies to people who were convicted of attempted murder and those who settled their murder cases for lesser charges. Status: Chaptered 10/05/2021

SB-778 Buy Clean California Act: Environmental Product Declarations: concrete - adds concrete to the Buy Clean program to leverage the state’s purchasing power in deploying low carbon technologies and best practices across the cement-concrete supply chain. Status: Held in Assembly Accountability and Administrative Review 6/15/2022

SB-779 California Workforce Innovation Opportunity Act: earn and learn programs - supports job training efforts as the state recovers from the COVID-19 pandemic by modernizing the existing workforce structure and meeting the needs of those overcoming workforce barriers. Status: Chaptered 09/22/2021