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Local leaders herald legislation being stopped at key committee

(San Mateo Daily Journal) - A bill local leaders said undermined the California Public Utility Commission’s regulatory authority in trying to drop AT&T’s obligation to be the carrier of last resort by going through the Legislature was pulled from committee.

California voters are expected to decide key spending decisions this fall

(The Mercury News) - With roughly 100 days until Californians begin early voting for the November election, state lawmakers are putting final touches on the bonds that will make the ballot.

Over the weekend, Democrats who control the Legislature in Sacramento reached agreements to place a $10 billion climate bond and a $10 billion school bond before voters in the Nov. 5 statewide election.

(Bloomberg Law) -- Lawmakers in California are working to join other states regulating health insurers’ use of artificial intelligence tools in coverage decisions.

Senator’s bill would allow psychedelics for veterans, first responders in 3 counties

After numerous attempts to legalize psychedelics over the last couple years, many advocates are now putting their energy behind state Sen. Josh Becker, D-Menlo Park, as his latest bill would allow military veterans and first responders to take psilocybin or psilocin in a medically supervised setting — and only in a few counties.

Moving the unsheltered into tiny homes, hotel rooms and other types of housing is a proven, cost-effective strategy

After seeing three previous efforts fail to legalize psychedelics, a bipartisan pair of California legislators are trying again to permit them for therapeutic purposes, this time narrowing their focus to helping veterans and first responders in three counties, including San Francisco. 

A funding proposal based on a complicated vehicle license fee reimbursement formula tied to local school funding that could mean a loss of $70 million from last fiscal year for San Mateo County may have a fix in the joint legislative budget agreement plan released May 29.