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SB 474 (The BASIC Act) would reduce the markup of products sold at prison canteens, which can exceed anywhere between 63% to 200% above market value

(SACRAMENTO) – Today, the California Legislature voted overwhelmingly to approve Senate Bill No. 474 by Senator Josh Becker (D-San Mateo) and send it to the Governor for his signature. Also known as The BASIC Act, this bill reduces markups on items sold in prison canteen stores and caps the markup on the price paid to the vendor for a product at 35% for four years.

Concerned by the rising prevalence and dangers of fentanyl, particularly among youths, local leaders gathered for a town hall hosted by Sen. Josh Becker to discuss how communities can address the crisis.

“Fentanyl and teen overdose have become all too familiar through headlines and conversations across the nation. As both a father of two teenagers and a public servant, the urgency of this matter strikes me very deeply,” Becker, D-Menlo Park, said. “It’s clear this is not just a local but a pervasive concern that demands our collective attention.”

The recently introduced, “Delete Act,” also referred to as California Senate Bill 362, is causing a stir within the data privacy industry. The bill offers consumers the ability to remove their personal data from all state-based data brokers through a single, verifiable consumer request, leading to significant debate.

The Southern California counties of Los Angeles, Ventura and San Diego could collectively power more than 270,000 homes annually by lining their highways with solar energy infrastructure, according to analysis released Thursday.

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State Sen. Josh Becker will host a virtual town hall to address the fentanyl epidemic on August 31st. The town hall will discuss what fentanyl is, how it affects the body and how the State government handles the crisis.

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John Gilmore knows how tough it is for people to scrub their personal data from the internet, even in California, where consumers have privacy rights.

“It’s a very labor-intensive process,” said Gilmore, who heads research at DeleteMe, a company that people can pay to remove their information from websites. “There’s no way for the average person to understand whether the efforts they’re making help or not.”

A well-functioning and seamless transportation network across the Bay, bolstered by safety measures, grade separations and the rebirth of Dumbarton Rail, are all pivotal to the success of public transportation in our region.

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As the impetus for economy-wide decarbonization increases, a growing number of state and local governments are exploring the adoption of building performance standards (BPS), a policy trend that has the potential to significantly reduce energy, carbon and water use in existing buildings.