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California will work to bring all greenhouse-gas emissions from state agencies down to zero by 2035 under legislation that Gov. Gavin Newsom signed Friday morning.

ABC7 News Bay Area:…
ABC7 News: As we enter the peak of the heat wave today, there's a risk we might overload the power grid. This tracker shows how close we are to the tipping point in real-time...ABC7's Tim John spoke with State Senator Josh Becker.

Orange County Register: For decades — ever since the first two-way radio was used in Bayonne, New Jersey in 1933, connecting the Police Department headquarters to nine of their patrol vehicles — newsrooms have listened in, too. But ever since radio has been going more and more digital, making the communications easier to encrypt, police agencies, which have been known to be secretive whenever they can be, have been trying to keep their transmissions to themselves. That’s why we support legislation authored by Sen. Josh Becker, D-Menlo Park, SB 1000.

Daily Journal: “I feel really proud of what we got accomplished, especially on climate but other areas as well,” Becker said on the heels of his first full session. “You can’t get it all done in one year but if you have an area you care about that you have some expertise in, you’re focused and people see you care, if you’re diligent, we’ll devote some of our own legislation to it.”

Daily Journal :Most folks have heard the saying/seen the bumper sticker: “Unions — the people who brought you the weekend.” This Labor Day weekend, we ask you to remember why we celebrate and reflect on the positive impact that unions have had and continue to have on our society.

Daily Journal: The Fed found around 40% of all Americans said they didn’t know how they would pay for the unexpected bill. What happened to the American dream, where everyone who worked hard had savings, not to mention could afford a decent home, a good education for their kids, and a family vacation? Most importantly, what can we do now to revive it?

Palo Alto Weekly: A proposal to require California law enforcement agencies to find alternatives to full encryption of radio communications fizzled on Thursday morning when the state Assembly Appropriations Committee declined to advance the bill for a full Assembly vote.

Almanac News: While the majority of the Democrats in the Legislation supported the proposal, Sen. Josh Becker was one of six Senate members who voted against it. In an interview Tuesday, he said he was concerned that the bill chips away at local control at the very moment when mayors and city councils throughout the region are working to meet the state's housing targets.