State Senator Josh Becker Introduces Legislation to Speed California’s Transition to 100% Clean Energy

For Immediate Release

SACRAMENTO – Newly sworn State Senator Josh Becker introduced legislation today to accelerate California’s drive to 100% clean energy and carbon neutrality.

 “We must speed our move to 100% clean energy. My bill does that by requiring growing amounts of our electricity to come from renewable or zero-carbon sources around the clock – not just when the sun shines or the wind blows,” said Senator Becker.

 Senate Bill 67, introduced by the Peninsula Democrat on Monday, calls for a 24/7 Clean Energy Standard to ensure that more of California’s electricity comes from renewable or other zero-carbon sources as the state transitions to 100% clean-sourced electricity. A 24/7 Clean Energy Standard would require utilities to provide an increasing share of clean electricity during times of day and seasons when the percentage used is typically low. Currently, at night and during other hard-to-serve times, the dependency on fossil fuel power plants increases.

 SB 67 also aims to reach 100% clean-sourced electricity earlier than the current 2045 target and directs state regulators to establish a system for tracking provision and consumption of clean electricity to ensure accountability.

 “We can and must achieve this,” said Senator Becker.

 Two years ago, state lawmakers passed the California Clean Energy Act, setting a target of sourcing 100% of electricity from renewable and zero-carbon sources by 2045. Senator Becker pointed out that California reached 36% renewable energy by 2019, easily topping an interim target of 33% by 2020. Electricity from all-clean, zero-carbon sources reached 63% in 2019, he said. “To put our clean electricity goals in further context, President-elect Biden is talking about a 2035 goal of 100% clean electricity nationwide, and before leaving office, Governor Jerry Brown issued an executive order for California’s entire economy to be 100% carbon neutral by 2045. We must move faster to reach those goals. My legislation will get us there.”

 On his first day in office, Senator Becker also introduced SB 68 to reduce emissions and use of fossil fuels in structures by making it easier to create all-electric buildings. SB 68 is aimed at lowering the barriers that make it hard to upgrade electrical service panels or accommodate additional electrical appliances within existing service panels. In homes, for example, SB 68 would make it easier to switch to electric models when a furnace or water heater needs replacing.

 SB 67 and SB 68 are Senator Becker’s first bills to help reduce the major sources of greenhouse gas emissions in California: More than 60% come from electricity generation, buildings and transportation. Introduced as intent legislation, the bills will become more detailed during the legislative process.

 “SB 67 and SB 68 signal my deep commitment to strong climate policy for our state,” Senator Becker said.

 SB 67 and SB 68 will be posted on California’s legislative database within 24 hours.


Senator Josh Becker, right, takes his Oath of Office in the Senate Chamber of the state Capitol
Senator Josh Becker, right, takes his Oath of Office in the Senate Chamber of the state Capitol. He and incumbent Senator Steven Bradford were among the legislators sworn in for the 2021-2022 Legislative Session on Monday. – Monday, December 7, 2020, in Sacramento. Photo credit: Senate Photographer Lorie Shelley.

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