New state budget includes $500 million for bridges to separate train from streets

Daily Post
Staff Report

Gov. Gavin Newsom’s new $286 billion budget, released today (Jan. 10), includes $500 million for bridges to separate the streets from the tracks at Caltrain interchanges.

While $500 million will only pay for one or two grade separations, the money represents a change in the state’s philosophy. Previously, the state wasn’t going to contribute to grade separations, leaving the funding to the federal government and cities such as Palo Alto...

State Sen. Josh Becker, D-Menlo Park, said he is particularly excited about $22.5 billion in climate change-related spending, including $6.1 billion proposed over a 5-year period to accelerate the transition to zero-emissions vehicles, and $2 billion to advance building and industry decarbonization, wind energy, long-duration energy storage and more. The governor’s economic opportunity investments include $500 million for job training for workers in the green economy.