Proposed California Law to Protect Neurorights?

(The Beacon) - The California Senate is in the early stages of deliberating Senate Bill 1223, introduced by Josh Becker (D-District 13). The bill aims to classify “neural data” as “sensitive information” under the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA). It is one of the first legislative attempts to codify “neurorights” in the United States and among the first in the world.

Under the proposed bill, “information that is generated by the measurement of the activity of an individual’s central or peripheral nervous systems that can be processed by, or with the assistance of, neurotechnology” qualifies as “neural data.” In practical terms, this means data related to brain activity gathered by wearable devices or implants. Should the bill pass, California residents could request from businesses what data has been collected about them and request that the data be erased. 

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