Governor Signs Bill by Senator Becker to Enable California’s Small Cities to Pool Resources for State-Funded Road Projects

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SACRAMENTO – Inspired by the Peninsula city of Belmont, a bill by Senator Josh Becker that enables cities to team up on state-funded road projects was signed today by Governor Gavin Newsom.

“Sometimes one change can make a powerful difference,” said Senator Becker, a member of the Senate Transportation Committee. “I’m grateful for the support of Governor Newsom and the bipartisan support of Legislative colleagues. They recognize what this will mean for cities and counties across our state – particularly smaller cities – when maintaining and repairing roads that link their communities.”

When it takes effect January 1, Senate Bill 640 – the first by Senator Becker to be signed into lawwill allow cities and counties to pool state transportation funds they receive if they pursue road projects that mutually benefit neighboring communities.

The change is especially important for small cities, which don’t have the advantages of scale when using funds available through the state Department of Transportation’s road maintenance and repair program. SB 640 allows cities and counties to work together to consolidate projects, using time and money more efficiently.

“I’m especially excited that my first bill to be signed by Governor Newsom grew from an idea shared by Mayor Charles Stone and the city of Belmont – and that the result will help cities and counties throughout our state,” Senator Becker said.

On behalf of the Belmont City Council, I would like to extend our sincere appreciation to Senator Becker for carrying SB 640 and Governor Newsom for signing this important legislation,” said Belmont Mayor Charles Stone. “SB 640 will allow for a more efficient use of SB 1 dollars by permitting neighboring jurisdictions to partner on transportation projects of mutual interest. This measure promotes regional collaboration and resourceful use of voter approved transportation funds. We thank Senator Becker for his vision and his leadership on this important measure.”

A dozen local governments and public works-related organizations voiced support for the change that SB 640 makes possible when cities and counties apply to the state for funds available under SB 1, the Road Repair and Accountability Act of 2017. In addition to Belmont, which partnered with Senator Becker on SB 640, Burlingame, San Carlos, San Mateo, the San Mateo County Board of Supervisors, the South San Francisco Public Works Department, Long Beach, Fresno, the Fresno Council of Governments and the League of California Cities wrote to legislators in support of SB 640.


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