Statement from State Senator Josh Becker on the California Budget

SACRAMENTO — "Our state Senate and Assembly have approved historic investments for the recovery and resiliency of Californians and our state, while banking hefty reserves and positioning California for a strong future.

“Our $300 billion state budget is the largest in our state history and the largest of any state.

“As a longtime advocate for education at all levels, affordable housing, mental health, economic equity, social justice and fast-tracking our clean energy transition, I’m pleased with budget elements we’re sending to the governor.

“As the father of an 18-year-old woman, I am very proud that California is fighting to protect and strengthen the rights to reproductive choice, health and access to all the services that support this – with an unprecedented investment in reproductive freedom.

“We have a budget to be proud of.

“We must remember, however, that we still have important work to do. I look forward to returning from the 13th Senate District to the Capitol in August to pin down details on the $19B we’ve budgeted for climate investments.

“These are crucial decisions that can set us on a firmer, swifter path to achieve our climate goals and alleviate the severe climate impacts we are already experiencing from rising temperatures, drought and wildfire risk to sea level rise.

“At best, we have fewer than 25 years to get this done – and we can, as long as we don’t blow it now.”

– Senator Josh Becker, D-Peninsula

Senator Josh Becker chairs the Senate Subcommittee on the Clean Energy Future and serves on the Legislature’s Joint Committee on Climate Change Policies.


Media Contact: Leslie Guevarra,, 415-298-3404