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KTVU: Kaiser Permanente announced on Monday that COVID vaccinations are mandatory for all employees and physicians, as a growing number of private companies and organizations get more aggressive in the fight against the virus.

CalMatters: After discovering that his personal information was put on the Dark Web, state Sen. Dave Min started a cybersecurity and identity theft prevention committee, the first of its kind in the country. [Other committee members include:] Menlo Park Sen. Josh Becker, who represents Silicon Valley, home of tech giants like Apple, Google and Facebook. The East Palo Alto organization was honored by state Sen. Josh Becker for its work to bridge the digital divide during the pandemic. "Rather than losing hope, amid the myriad of unprecedented challenges you all have had to tackle, you rose to the occasion. You ensured that education and economic opportunities were readily accessible to those truly in need of it."

San Mateo Daily Journal: “When I think about budget priorities and policies, I personally think about three things. One, are they going to enable equality of opportunity,” Senator Becker said. “Secondly, will they increase quality of life for my constituents and their families and people across California. And third, are we being responsible with the money entrusted to us.”

ABC 7/KGO-TV: The EDD is about to sweep clean the backlog of claims - and pay thousands of unemployed workers who've been waiting weeks and months for benefits. The plan has met with joy and a bit of skepticism. Several state lawmakers applauded the EDD's plan. "It's a huge relief that people across the board are finally getting help, finally getting their money," said State Senator Josh Becker.

Palo Alto Online: All of us are in a position to make our lives better by returning to health. Part of our journey back to normal after this lengthy disruption in our lives is to take care of ourselves...As more and more of us get vaccinated, we can speed the progress toward a post-pandemic world. Your local health care provider was there for you before the pandemic and is awaiting your return now.

San Mateo Daily Journal: The Big Lift, a collective project focused on improving literacy among San Mateo County children, received $1 million in state funding to support its various programs that it has continued through the pandemic.

Canary Media: Pending legislation in California, Senate Bill 68 introduced by Sen. Josh Becker (D), would direct funds to lower the consumer cost to switch from gas to electric appliances and provide subsidies to cover the costs of panel upgrades.