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Daily Journal: As state laws pushing for affordable housing production continue to take shape, a new bill by state Sen. Josh Becker, D-San Mateo, looks to keep funding for below-market rate housing flowing in cities that could otherwise be cut off as a result of existing penalties for not meeting housing goals. “The penalty is counterproductive and makes absolutely no sense,” said Becker. “Cities and counties should be on the hook for compliance, but affordable homes should not be used as a bargaining chip.”

Patch: A bill introduced in the California State Senate this week would reduce costs for affordable housing projects by shifting reserve funds from individual projects to a pooled reserve operated by the state. Senate Bill 948, introduced by state Sen. Josh Becker (D-Menlo Park), would shift responsibility for so-called "transition reserves" — which have not been used much for projects funded by the Department of Housing and Community Development — from individual projects to the state.

NBC Bay Area: California state Sen. Josh Becker says President Joe Biden in his State of the Union address Tuesday night hit on a number of specific issues that are bipartisan where the U.S. could make progress. Scott McGrew has the one on one.

GovTech: A bill introduced in the California Legislature is calling for better coordination among more than two dozen transit agencies in the San Francisco Bay Area in an effort to create a more seamless and affordable rider experience. The bill, also known as the Seamless Transit Transformation Act, was introduced by state Sen. Josh Becker from District 13, which stretches from south San Francisco, down the San Mateo County coast and into Mountain View.

Mountain View Voice: The CPUC recently set aside plans to vote on a controversial proposal to revise the state's rooftop solar program. That's good. This time-out gives regulators a chance to rethink their proposal and tackle what Gov. Gavin Newsom described as "still ... some work to do." I agree…California is the U.S. leader in solar energy and adds a power plant-worth of rooftop solar about every five months. However, being the leader doesn't mean our work is over. We need more clean energy of every kind.

Palo Alto Weekly: With the Russian Federation launching a full-scale invasion of Ukraine, Rep. Anna Eshoo on Thursday denounced Russian President Vladimir Putin and backed the package of sanctions the U.S. and its allies announced against Russia.

State Senator Josh Becker, who represents the 13th District, called the Russian attach "an overreach by Putin that he will regret." "The rise in autocracy around the world is greatly troubling, and Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is the latest manifestation of this," he said in an email. "I fully support severe sanctions announced by the U.S. and our allies. We must strengthen democracy here and abroad. Ukrainian people are brave and not giving in."

California Senate Bill 1481, introduced by state Sen. Josh Becker (D-Menlo Park), would require the State Department of Social Services to reimburse up to two meals a day per child at preschool and daycare facilities and all meals served in family daycare homes. "California's youngest children cannot be left out of our state's groundbreaking meals policy to tackle food insecurity among learners," Becker said. "SB 1481 would ensure that all families can send their kids to child care centers offering free, nutritious meals.

The Almanac News: California could expand its free public school meals program to also include children in daycare under a bill introduced last week, state Sen. Josh Becker said.