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December 20, 2018 California is first state to require physicians to inform patients about their history of sexual misconduct, overprescribing medications, criminal convictions or substance abuse. Will others follow?

December 20, 2018

Capital Public Radio: SB 1046 by State Sen. Jerry Hill, D-San Mateo, expands a pilot program already in place in Sacramento, Alameda, Tulare and Los Angeles counties to the entire state. The bill received unanimous approval in the Legislature.

December 20, 2018

San Francisco Chronicle: A state lawmaker who helped PG&E secure key legislative aid this year called for a management shakeup in light of state regulators’ claims that the utility falsified gas pipeline safety records. Sen. Bill Dodd said PG&E Corp., the utility’s parent company, needs “systematic change,” including on its board of directors “and in the executive suite.” Dodd’s sharp critique of PG&E was praised by state Sen. Jerry Hill, D-San Mateo, a longtime critic of the utility in the legislature.  “I’m happy and pleased that there’s a growing realization of the problems inherent in the current management, leadership and structure of PG&E,” Hill said. “There should be a shareholder revolt that forces a change in leadership on the board, and membership, and the leadership at the top of PG&E.”

December 20, 2018

Sacramento Bee: “I’ve always been anti-tobacco and anti-nicotine and anti-smoking,” said Sen. Jerry Hill, D-San Mateo, author of SB 38 and SB 39. “I remember the first time I had a cigarette.…It was the worst tasting thing in the world,” he said. But add a flavor, say cotton candy, to the product, and suddenly it could provide an appeal to younger users, who could then become addicted, he said.

December 19, 2018 "PG&E has spent a vast amount on lobbying and on its lawyers," Hill told Patch. "If [it] had spent those millions upon millions of dollars on safety, equipment maintenance and vegetation management, Northern Californians would not have to live in fear of running for their lives in the next wildfire."

December 19, 2018

Daily Journal: Beyond the proof of a growing pattern of liability by PG&E lies deep-rooted mismanagement and an inability to oversee itself. PG&E’s size serves as the true origins to its faults. To put it in the words of state Sen. Jerry Hill, D-San Mateo, “They are too big to succeed.”

December 17, 2018

California Healthline: California state Sen. Jerry Hill said his proposals would curb the “epidemic proportion” of vaping among teens. “This is something that requires immediate action to protect our youth,” Hill said.

December 17, 2018

The Union: Way back in 1915, state legislators passed a law requiring the Railroad Commission to assure "protection of employees and the general public." But the commission waited 13 years, until 1928, to make actual rules, most of which were never enforced. More recently, the Legislature in 2016 passed a law demanding regular reports on electric line safety, especially in likely fire areas. But consumer lawyer Michael Aguirre says he has not been able to get the PUC to reveal whether it hired any inspectors since passage of that law, sponsored by Democratic state Sen. Jerry Hill of San Mateo. Déjà vu, a century later.

December 15, 2018

San Francisco Chronicle: Some legislators, including state Sen. Jerry Hill, D-San Mateo, are willing to talk about what California can do to create an alternative for utility service. But far too many are still willing to bow to the company’s powerful lobbying efforts. That’s how PG&E got the much-criticized rescue package for last year’s fires.

December 14, 2018

ABC 7/KGO-TV: Peninsula State Senator Jerry Hill blasted the utility for putting the public at risk. "I question the board of directors at PG&E, how can they sit there and continue to do business as usual," said Senator Hill.