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PLACERVILLE - The Senate Committee on Insurance passed a bill Wednesday that lawmakers said will address the cost and availability of fire insurance in California. 

Senate Bill 1060, or the Fire Insurance Risk Evaluation (FIRE) Act, would require property insurers to consider wildfire mitigation efforts when setting the price of insurance for homeowners. 

(CalMatters) - The most recent changes to California’s data broker registry — which took effect in January — require brokers to disclose whether they sell data about kids, pregnant people, or anyone’s geolocation data. But relatively soon — at the speed state governments operate — consumers should be able to delete data collected about them.  Right now, consumers must go to hundreds of data brokers one at a time if they want them to delete their data. 

(KRCR) A new state bill related to wildfire risk reduction could mean more insurance protections for homeowners.

The bill being introduced by Democratic State Senator Josh Becker, known as SB 1060, would require property insurers to take wildfire risk mitigation efforts into consideration when setting insurance costs for homeowners.

(Fox 11 "News in Depth") - In segment two, California State Senator Josh Becker weighs in on new legislation that could help curb abuses of artificial intelligence. 

He details bills that he is working on getting passed in the legislature which would increase penalties for creating AI nude photos, and increase transparency with watermarks on photos and other things that are AI generated. Becker talks about how quickly things are changing in the AI universe and how governments and educators strive to keep up.

(NBC Bay Area) - There's new hope for California homeowners facing rising insurance costs: Lawmakers are considering a new bill to boost protections.

State Sen. Josh Becker, a Democrat from Menlo Park, has introduced a bill that would force insurance companies to consider the billions of dollars the state has spent on wildfire mitigation and all the work homeowners have done to protect their homes from wildfires such as creating defensible space around their property.

Homeowners have been stung with massive increases in premiums — if not stripped of coverage altogether

(The Mercury News) - Insurers in California have sounded the alarm: A warming climate has dramatically raised the risk of devastating wildfires, and with it the cost of providing coverage. But now a Peninsula lawmaker says those insurance companies should credit the state and homeowners for the work done to reduce our vulnerability to wildfires.

(Canary Media) - California state Senator Josh Becker is worried that the Golden State is undermining a pillar of its clean energy transition: distributed solar power.

(The Sacramento Bee) - A California lawmaker wants insurance companies in the state to change how they come up with prices for home coverage.

Insurance trade groups aren’t happy.

Senate Bill 1060 would require insurers to take vegetation management, home protection, and other work meant to reduce wildfires into account when determining the risk of covering a property. Its author, Sen. Josh Becker, said the state is spending billions of dollars to prevent and lessen the effect of fires.