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Daily Journal :Most folks have heard the saying/seen the bumper sticker: “Unions — the people who brought you the weekend.” This Labor Day weekend, we ask you to remember why we celebrate and reflect on the positive impact that unions have had and continue to have on our society.

Daily Journal: The Fed found around 40% of all Americans said they didn’t know how they would pay for the unexpected bill. What happened to the American dream, where everyone who worked hard had savings, not to mention could afford a decent home, a good education for their kids, and a family vacation? Most importantly, what can we do now to revive it?

Palo Alto Weekly: A proposal to require California law enforcement agencies to find alternatives to full encryption of radio communications fizzled on Thursday morning when the state Assembly Appropriations Committee declined to advance the bill for a full Assembly vote.

Almanac News: While the majority of the Democrats in the Legislation supported the proposal, Sen. Josh Becker was one of six Senate members who voted against it. In an interview Tuesday, he said he was concerned that the bill chips away at local control at the very moment when mayors and city councils throughout the region are working to meet the state's housing targets.

CMA: Senate Bill 1419 sponsored by the California Medical Association (CMA) to provide physicians the opportunity to respect patient privacy and wishes when releasing health Information, passed the California State Senate on a vote of 31 to 9.

ABC7 Bay Area: At a legislative session Wednesday, California lawmakers discussed ways to modernize the grid's infrastructure to prevent flex alerts and blackouts. ABC7’s Tim Johns talked to Senator Josh Becker.

Daily Journal: Courses at San Mateo County’s three community colleges may soon become free for thousands of local students, reducing barriers to higher education for which district officials have long fought.

Daily Journal: The San Mateo County Community College District would be allowed to offer fee waivers to more students in need by using existing local revenue and without incurring further costs to the state, if a bill authored by state Sen. Josh Becker, D-San Mateo, is signed into law by Gov. Gavin Newsom. Senate Bill 893 was sent by the state Senate to the governor’s desk Wednesday with a unanimous bipartisan vote. It allows the college district to operate a pilot program that expands aid to underrepresented and marginalized community members using unrestricted local funds.