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August 16, 2018

San Francisco Chronicle Op-Ed: 

To the delight of utilities, Gov. Jerry Brown unveiled a proposal that would ease utilities’ burden of strict liability and change the criteria for courts when considering inverse condemnation in civil suits. In contrast, Senate Bill 819 by state Sen. Jerry Hill does not alter the existing protections to property owners under inverse condemnation or change the standards California regulators use in determining whether utilities acted unreasonably or imprudently in cases involving damages caused by electrical or gas companies.

August 15, 2018

San Francisco Chronicle: “Everyone is focused on making their cases in the loudest possible way,” said state Sen. Jerry Hill of San Mateo, a longtime critic of PG&E’s safety practices and record.

August 13, 2018

Daily Journal: With few signs that the wildfires raging across Northern California will slow any time soon, state Sen. Jerry Hill, D-San Mateo, is hoping legislation he has proposed will prevent the costs of the damage they will cause from passing onto ratepayers.

August 13, 2018

Bloomberg: Some California lawmakers insist PG&E hasn’t even met the reasonable standard, pointing to signs that in some cases PG&E allegedly violated fire safety rules, according to reports by the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection, or Cal Fire. “Climate change and the so-called new normal do not ignite fires,” said California State Senator Jerry Hill, a frequent PG&E critic. “The Cal Fire findings show that suspected negligence by PG&E did.”

August 10, 2018

Daily Journal: Assemblyman Kevin Mullin, D-South San Francisco, was joined by Assembly Minority Floor Leader Marie Waldron, R-Escondido, state Sen. Jerry Hill, D-San Mateo, and Assemblyman Marc Berman, D-Palo Alto, in calling for an audit of the agency, a request that was answered with unanimous support from the Joint Legislative Audit Committee at its Wednesday hearing.

August 09, 2018

KQED: State Sen. Jerry Hill (D-San Mateo), a longtime critic of PG&E, was also surprised to hear that the commission was not penalizing the company. "They clearly violated the law," Hill said in an interview Thursday.

August 09, 2018

Daily Journal:  According to the Washington, D.C.-based startup FiscalNote in July, state Sen. Jerry Hill, D-San Mateo, is the fifth most productive state senator [in the U.S.] after he sponsored 232 bills with a passage rate of 61 percent since he was elected to the state Legislature in 2012.

August 08, 2018

NBC News: Doctors are currently only required to notify their insurance company and the hospital or clinic with which they are affiliated if they are placed on probation. "The most important person in the healthcare continuum is the patient and they're not aware of this," Senator Hill said.

August 08, 2018

KUSI News: State Sen. Jerry Hill wrote the California bill known as Jojo’s act, SB 1127. It has already cleared the state Senate, and is pending approval in the assembly.

August 08, 2018 Brown said he would “be glad to look at” legislation from state Sens. Mike McGuire, D-Healdsburg, Bill Dodd, D-Napa, and Jerry Hill, D-San Mateo, to create a statewide uniform alert system requiring counties to register all residents.