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March 13, 2020

San Francisco Public Press: Reversing a long-standing policy of extraordinary secrecy, the California Public Utilities Commission unanimously voted Thursday to rescind an obscure footnote that granted sweeping confidentiality to safety reports that must be filed by Uber, Lyft and other ride-hailing companies about accidents and assaults connected with their services across the state. In an email Senator Hill praised the vote as a public service, writing, “Government cannot fulfill our obligation to conduct the public’s business in public if the data underlying our policies is kept secret.”

March 11, 2020

CalOES News: “This is the right thing to do. It is a fine example of how we can get ahead of COVID 19 by working together,” said state Senator Jerry Hill. “By making these guest rooms available to the cruise ship travelers whose wellness must be monitored in a contained setting, the hotel owner is doing a huge service for our community and our state. Thanks also go to our local officials in San Carlos and San Mateo County, to CalOES and the CDC for doing their utmost for the care and safety of those who have been caught up in this health emergency – and in doing so, help protect the health of our greater community.”

March 11, 2020

San Francisco Business Times: Bay Area political leaders issued a warning on last Thursday against the closure of Seton Medical Center, demanding the hospital’s owner give at least three months notice before shuttering the facility. Senator Scott Wiener (D-San Francisco), Assemblymember Phil Ting (D-San Francisco), Senator Jerry Hill (D-San Mateo) and Assemblymember Kevin Mullin (D-San Mateo) released a joint statement arguing that the closure would have a harsh effect on the community and urging Verity to follow state law by providing a 90-day notice when shutting down Seton's emergency room.

March 05, 2020

San Francisco Business Journal: Bay Area political leaders issued a warning on Thursday against the closure of Seton Medical Center in Daly City and demanded that the hospital’s owner give at least three months notice before shuttering the facility. Senator Scott Wiener, Assemblymember Phil Ting, Senator Jerry Hill and Assemblymember Kevin Mullin released a joint statement arguing that the closure will have a strongly adverse effect on the community. “With COVID-19 posing a public health challenge and our homelessness crisis worsening — both of which are increasing trips to the ER — the closure of Seton Medical Center in Daly City is a huge problem for the community," the statement read. "With the nearest hospitals now farther away from Daly City, it’s possible that patients won’t get timely care because of the additional travel time. We are also concerned that the nearby facilities may become overcrowded."

March 05, 2020

Event-NewsEnterprise: The founder of a local military nonprofit organization is praising the introduction of a bill in the California state senate that will aid military sexual assault survivors seeking justice. Dr. Dwight Stirling, CEO of the Center for Law and Military Policy, said the bill, introduced by Senator Jerry Hill and co-sponsored by Sen. Tom Umberg will empower California military service survivors of sexual assault to seek justice in a civil court. Stirling, a former military prosecutor who still serves in the reserves, said he supports SB 1274 as a means of easing restrictions imposed by the Feres doctrine.

March 04, 2020

Mercury News: District 13 state senator Jerry Hill said in a letter sent to the school in October that he also doesn’t want to give up on saving it. He said he believes that NDNU has a “promising future if a visionary and innovative leader is found and is willing to take on the many challenges the University faces in the coming years.” Hill said many institutions, private and public, have faced similar strife in the past: “They have needed to re-invent themselves and this is the time in your history — as the third oldest educational institution in the state — to do just that and become the university that educates the future leaders on the Peninsula.”Hill said.

February 26, 2020

Daily Journal: Saddened to hear Notre Dame de Namur University is struggling to the point of considering closing, community leaders want to help, but say university officials aren’t being receptive. "It would be a shame for the university to move forward with closing without having a broader conversation with the community about the struggles and opportunities that could be available,” Senator Hill said.

February 25, 2020 A loophole that can hinder efforts to prosecute members of the military accused of sexual assault would be closed under a bill introduced Friday in the California State Senate, the bill's proponents say. Current law says that members of the military "shall not be liable civilly or criminally" for any acts they do in the performance of their duty. Current law could shield military members accused of sexual misconduct from prosecution, according to the bill's sponsors, Sen. Jerry Hill (D-San Mateo and Santa Clara Counties) and Sen. Thomas J. Umberg (D-Santa Ana). 

February 21, 2020

KSRO Radio: A California lawmaker is working to keep gas and electric companies from taking a state tax deduction on penalties imposed for safety violations. Senator Jerry Hill says his latest bill would immediately apply to PG&E.

February 21, 2020

Daily Journal: Daily Journal: State Sen. Jerry Hill, D-San Mateo, introduced legislation to bar electric and gas companies from taking a state tax deduction for any expense resulting from a decision by state regulators to penalize a utility for safety violations.